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In #silico: First steps towards a computer #simulation of the human #body | #cyborgs #health

In #silico: First steps towards a computer #simulation of the human #body | #cyborgs #health | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |
A pregnant woman undergoing tests in hospital has her biological information plugged into a computer. The results say that she is highly likely to damage her pelvic floor muscles during the birth and will probably suffer from incontinence years later. Armed with this information, doctors intervene to minimise the damage as her baby is born, and the problems are avoided.

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luiy's insight:

The University of Sheffield’s Insigneo Institute, which was founded exactly a year ago, comprises 123 academics and clinicians who are working towards a grand European Commission-backed endeavour known as the Virtual Physiological Human programme. Collectively, they have already won more than £20 million in research funding.

The programme’s ultimate aim is to create an in silico, or computer simulated, replica of the human body that will allow the virtual testing of treatments on patients based on their own specific needs – potentially predicting future problems they may encounter or eliminating the need for invasive procedures.

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The alternative limb project | #Cyborg culture in the #health - #fetishism

The alternative limb project | #Cyborg culture in the #health - #fetishism | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |
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