The Bully in the Backpack: There’s no limit to the cruelty of online bullies. Here’s what you can do. | Cyberbullying, it's not a game! It's your Life!!! |

October 1, 2011
Madi W. knows what it’s like to be hounded by death threats, nasty phone calls, and racist jibes. Four years ago, kids from her middle school in suburban Maryland started attacking her by cellphone, text messages, and on social media sites.


Then last fall, the assaults followed her to high school. Someone sent a text calling her the N-word and attached an image of a stick figure getting whipped. Over Thanksgiving break, a bunch of girls left a string of cruel phone messages and texts, calling her a “half-rican” and a “whore” and telling her to kill herself. In January, a former friend accused her of spreading rumors—and vowed all over her Facebook wall that she’d beat up Madi.