Major Changes to Copyright On the Way! | cyber citizens |

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has published the government's intentions for 'modernising copyright' in a document, aptly called Modernising Copyright. It details many changes including some to the fundamental Education Exceptions to Copyright which are to be enacted through secondary legislation by October 2013.


Format shifting - moving data from one platform/device to another for personal or study purposes will be permitted.

Copyright Exceptions for education will be 'media neutral' - they will encompass all media - films, music, etc - not just text-based media.

Teachers will be permitted to use materials within the Exceptions for teaching to 'illustrate' their teaching.

The Exceptions will cover VLEs and institutionally managed authenticated services.

There are a number of new measures to assist archives and libraries perform their work of supporting learning and teaching in the digital age.

Further measures to support 'Disability' are also being introduced.

Via Anthony Beal