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Tomorrow belongs to the tablet

Tomorrow belongs to the tablet | Curtin iPad User Group |
Is Apple's next big thing already out there?


This raises a more basic question: Why are people willing to spend $329 on an iPad when they can get an Android tablet for $200? It's not because the iPad is prettier or more powerful. It's because it's more useful – because its App Store is packed with more apps than you'll find for any other tablet. Apple says it has 350,000 tablet-specific apps in its store; Google has never disclosed the number of tablet-specific Android apps, but anyone who's ever perused the Play store knows the number is tiny. This is a crucial advantage, because unlike a phone, a tablet is pretty useless without great apps.

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Apple - iPad mini - Features

Apple - iPad mini - Features | Curtin iPad User Group |
iPad mini is the full iPad experience. It has a vivid display, it’s fast and fluid, it works with apps made for iPad, and you can hold it in one hand.
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