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Tiger Woods sponsorship deals and endorsements - Telegraph

Tiger Woods sponsorship deals and endorsements - Telegraph | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
Tiger Woods was this year confirmed as the world's first athlete to make a billion dollars. Here is a rundown of the endorsement deals he has acquired over the years.
James Cooper's insight:

Tiger Woods

He has been able to gain sponsorship of General Motors, American Express and Nike. Throw these long term sponsorship deals he has been able to obtain over $80million. Also by being such a successful player Tiger has been able to win tournament prize money throw the PGA and the Ryder Cup. However, due to speculations coming throw about Tiger having relationship problems, accused of cheating, Nike disembowel their contract together. This resultantly left Tiger losing out on another $40 million. These companies are using these famous faces to get the public to see that if they use these products they’ll be like them. This is why the big sports company’s try to get the biggest stars to wear their cloths brands, drive their cars or use their aftershave. This leads to the company’s making advertisement martial for the public to see. They try to imply that if you wear these clothes or drives these cars you’ll act like these professional players.

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Arsenal to Sign Puma Kit Deal

Arsenal to Sign Puma Kit Deal | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
Arsenal is believed to have reached an agreement with Puma for the most lucrative kit deal in the Premier League, according to reports in the media.
James Cooper's insight:

Arsenal’s new sponsorship deal.
I really do think there is far too much money within football. Arsenals have pulled of a 170 million pound contract deal with the sports brand Puma for the next 5 years. Which is the biggest in English football history! But will this new kit make Arsenal play any better? Will it get them that trophy they have been desperately wanting so bad for the past 8 years? I don’t think so. But then again, the manager Arsen Wenger has been garneted £70million pounds to spend in this summer transfer window. Also, if Arsenal are able to obtain to get a sport in the Champions League they will defiantly be able to attract new talented players to the club.
Could Puma be the key to unlocking Arsenal trophy cabinet?  If you now look at Arsenal’s wage bill per week it costs the club £2,499,000 and a small grand total of £129,948,000 a year. A small amount away from the transfer free Real Madrid had to pay for Ronald from Manchester United. But then if you look at the lasts figures of the clubs turnover, they have broken the £200m barrier after the mover to the Emirates Stadium.

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Sky refuses to air BT's ads for its Premier League coverage

Sky refuses to air BT's ads for its Premier League coverage | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
Telecoms giant complains to watchdog about 'undue discrimination' in escalation of bitter rivalry over TV sport. By Mark Sweney
James Cooper's insight:

Adverts nower days pay for the programme or radio station your tuned into...unless your watching or listening to a BBC channel.
Have you ever been really getting into a sports game are a fantastic move then BANG! They cut to the adverts as soon as the drama is about to take place?  Because I’ve definitely been there. This is down to money. Would you have ever guessed? The reasons why movies, soaps and documentaries are able to run are down to adverts for the softest toilet paper in the world and the new dine for two offers at your local M&S.

The reason why there are no adverts on BBC channels or radio stations is because they already get paid via our taxes. Yeah, so they already get enough wouldn’t you say?

Tv channels and radio stations get paid money by the advertisement company’s to allow them to air their commercials on their TV or radio time. The money the programs get is what funds the program’s to be carried on aired. And by us buying the products they are advertising allows them to pay to advertise more. It’s one big circle really.

The only way to over come these problems for everyone to not buy anything again, however this would course a recession and has panic with the world problem ending...which we probably don’t want to happen. So the only realist solution is to Sky+ it. Then fast forward through the adverts.

There are some positives to the adverts too. You get to see what new items will be on the shelves next time you go shopping, when new films are out and what’s going on in your local area.

But in conclusion, we need adverts really. It’s a fundamentally part of our life and society. With out them we wouldn’t be able to carry on watching our favourite soups or sports channels. Plus their is a lot of momey in them too. In America If you want to buy an advertisement slot that airs during Sunday Night Football, you are looking around $512,000. But if you're willing to slum it for an ad during a day time TV show you are looking at a low price of around $29,000.

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BBC SPORT | Tennis | Hawk-Eye keeps watch at Wimbledon

BBC SPORT | Tennis | Hawk-Eye keeps watch at Wimbledon | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
BBC Sport finds out how Hawk-Eye provides a ball's eye view of Wimbledon.
James Cooper's insight:

Hawk eye in tennis -
Has it improved the game?
Just why is it that we do not get to hear BBC tennis expert John McEnroe bellow, "You cannot be serious," anymore? The new up and coming tennis players have been able to change the pace and speed they hit the ball now by the angle they hit the ball and via strength and conditional training developing even further from the 80’s.
                By players now hitting the ball over 150+mph have now degraded the line judges enough that some officials are unable to see weather if some balls are in our out. By this new technology coming in has allowed the decision to be made fair. Instead of player’s harassing the judges and officials “you can’t be serious”. However, introducing Hawk-Eye also means players still have the chance to count act the call of the lines judges or officials. This is because they get three call’s each set. However, if they call a ball out when it’s in and it’s correct they get to keep it and remain on 3.
The negatives are that it’s time consuming which disrupts the flow of the game. Players may abuse the system but because they only get three calls will reduce the chance of this. It my belittle the officials in acusing them that they don’t understand the rules. Also the cost of instuing the systems to the gorund. Which is £57,000.

How does it work?
                In Wimbledon there are five high-speed cameras high up in the roofs of Centre Court and Court One which accurately tracks the ball as it flies through the air. A computer captures the image from each camera and works out where the ball is. By finding the ball in multiple cameras they can find out where the ball is. The computer then combines all this information and traces the trajectory of the ball in each rally. This information is then sent to the virtual reality machine which produces the graphic images that you see on the television. So Hawk-Eye is able to show where the ball landed in every point played.

I personally believe that this is an amazing new peace of technology due to the fact that there would be so much confusion about whether a ball was in or not. This would course the player to get even more frustrated with the decions being made which would disrupt the way they play. Which would course the games to be less enjoyable to watch which could reduce the amount of spectators in the future, which would mean if there is less money going into the grounds means the players will get paid less money.

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Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
James Cooper's insight:

Footbonaut –

This is a brand new peace of technology which Borussia Dortmund have invented. The new system is designed to pass and throw balls out via machine powered deploying systems. However, because the ball doesn’t come out of the same place they have to listen to wear the ball will be coming out off. They then will have to control the ball, look up to see which part of the gated targets to aim for. There are 64 targets. By interdicting this new training equipment to the players have changed the way players think and play on the pitch. This technology have made them become more alert on the pitch of their surroundings of the players and where they are on the pitch. Could this be the reason why they have been able to obtain a champions league finalist positions?

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Joey Barton and Dietmar Hamann trade insults in vicious Twitter row

Joey Barton and Dietmar Hamann trade insults in vicious Twitter row | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
Former Manchester City team-mates Joey Barton and Dietmar Hamann have traded insults in a vicious Twitter row
James Cooper's insight:

Social media –

“The spat kicked off after Barton sent out a tweet in which he claimed his Marseille team-mate Loïc Rémy had "signed for QPR". Barton being Barton, however, he could not leave it there and, querying why the France forward had appeared to have pulled out of a long-mooted move to Newcastle, he added: "probably Llambas [sic] again!" in reference to the north-east club's managing director, Derek Llambias.

Bringing back memories of his days at Liverpool, Hamann then stuck the boot in, telling Barton to "do yourself a favour and stay out of club politics QPR and NUFC have paid you well for playing not to commentonrecruitment".

Bringing back memories of his days at most of the clubs he has played for, Barton launched back aggressively, tweeting: "trying to give me stick you cheeky man. Get your own life in order first... #peopleinglasshouses"

This whole incident sets a really bad example for the young generations. This whole argument seems to portray they agree with cyber bullying. Which is really bad in this day an age when schools are trying to do the best they possible can to crack it down and stop it.
                The main reason why arguments are so bad on social media sites is because its so public, yeah it does cut out the “yeah he said she said” rubbish but it still sets a really bad example. This is because they’re role-models and idles to some children. They could be heart broken from reading some of the foul mouthed language that is tipped.

I personal believe it would be a lot more grown up to phone the person up and have a conversation with them in privet. This why it cuts out from the media finding out about it and reduces the chances of members of the public finding out to chuck their two penny’s worth in. Or even better and to be really mature about the situations and keep your opinions to yourself.

On the other hand, sometimes feelings and emotions build up and they just need to let it all out. But there is a right place to disembarked these and they aren’t over public websites where the world can see.

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Hawk-Eye aims for football expansion

Hawk-Eye aims for football expansion | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
UK-based Hawk-Eye is aiming to expand into other football leagues after agreeing a deal with the Premier League on Thursday.
James Cooper's insight:

Hawk eye in football.

Hawk-eye is due to be installed at 20 Premier League grounds as well as Wembley Stadium.
UK-based Hawk-Eye is aiming to expand into other football leagues after agreeing a deal with the Premier League. They are planning to be used in over 380 matches in its first year of the 2013-2014 season. The Hawk-Eye company have been in talks for with the Premier League for over six years.
The Hawk-Eye camera system, invented more than ten years ago, will be used to see fouls or repeats or if a referee hasn’t picked up on it.

The technology is designed to end controversies within fouls, hand balls and how’s position it should be when the ball goes out of play.
Hawk-Eye was bought by electronics giant Sony in 2011, but remains a relatively small company. In 2009 it made profits of £1.1m on the back of sales worth £3.6m.
There hasn’t yet been said how much the Premier League deal is worth, but reports suggest it could bring in as much as £10m over five years. This would include the cost of installing the camera system at all 20 of next season's Premier League grounds, as well as at Wembley Stadium. The deal gives Hawk-Eye the opportunity to expand into football, despite missing out on the contract to supply the goal-line technology for this summer's Fifa Confederations Cup.

Other leagues and organisations have expressed a desire to introduce the technology. The chief executive of Spain's La Liga has said he hopes to bring it in within the next two or three years. But despite the promise of expansion Dr Hawkins acknowledged that Hawk-Eye's application in football is limited, and that the company would continue to develop its presence in other sports, both as a tool of adjudication and analysis. Unlike tennis or cricket, Hawk-Eye's use in football is limited to the rare occasions when there is a disputed goal or big moment in the game e.g. penalty or a red card possibility. There is also less opportunity for using Hawk-Eye for in-game analysis - the original use of the system when it was launched as parts of Channel 4's cricket coverage in 2001.

The main positives of using Hawk-Eye is that the referee is able to pick up on incidences which they might not have seen such as off the ball incidences, to see if a player has actually handled a ball, dived in the box or actually been fouled and to judge who’s position it is if the ball goes out of play.
The main disadvantages of this is the cost of the high end brand new technology. The goal line officals might feel embarrassed and less impartant compared to the computers. Also if they called a decision then got proven wrong by the computer and cameras they’ll feel even more embarrassed due to that fact they’ll get proven wrong infornt of hundred of thousands of people. Also people won’t have as much to talk about after the match due to the fact the correct descion has been made.

In conclusion, I believe that it’ll be a good idea to bring in the hawk eye technology due to the fact it’ll reduce all the controversial incidences and solve a lot of problems too.  

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Goal-line technology given go-ahead

Goal-line technology given go-ahead | Current issues within sport - media and technology |
The Premier League has voted to introduce goal-line technology from the 2013-14 season, using Hawk-Eye technology.
James Cooper's insight:

The Premier League has voted to introduce goal-line technology from the 2013-14 season.

British-based Hawk-Eye has been awarded the contract to provide the system.

Hawk-Eye uses seven cameras per goal to detect the ball and claims its system is "millimetre accurate, ensuring no broadcast replays could disprove the decision".


Finaly all the contraversal and controvisty of the “blind referee’s” can be over...but could this rewin our so much loved game?


In the new Barcleys Premier League session of 2013-2014 FIFA have comferemdd they will allow goal line techknowlgy. This now means this start of the art techknolegy equipment will be implanted across the stop flight football teams in the English Premi devison. How much will it cost? A small few of around £250,00, basically an avarged football players wage.


You may question what is the point to all of this when we have goal line officals in internation games, chamipon league and Europa League games? But this should now make all the decison correct and fair.
When you look back towards the 2010 world cup of the game of England V.s Germany in the quater finals where Frank Lampard got done over by the referee for not awarding goal where the ball struck the cross bar, bounced over the line and came back out again.


Are machines better then humans? Is Cyberdyne finaly taking control...?
How will this new system work?  The referees will be get a vibration and optical signal to their new digital enhanced 007 James Bond watches the second the ball crossing the line. The Hawk-Eye creators insist the system is "millimetre accurate, ensuring no broadcast replays could disprove the decision". Let’s see if it lives up to its expectation when it’s used for the first time in the community shield game held at Wimberley in August.

There are positives and negatives to this new technology. But let’s first start with the negatives, it’s allows to find faults then give praise first. It will slow the game down, due to the fact that the referee will have to stop the game, wait for a response until he can continue the game. Will the spectators in the stadiums and those watching on television get a chance to see what the watch says? You never know you might get a bios Man United referee...?  What happens if there is a power cut? Will the referee have to pause the game like when the flood likes went out in the game between Fulham and Manchester United just in case a ball crosses the line. Or will they have to go back to old school refereeing, the naturally way, the controversial way.
                By installing this new peace of high tech kit will destroy the Monday morning conversations about the controversial decision. What will people have to talk about now?
However, the positives of this will be; if a ball does cross the line but isn’t given the correct verdict will be made, the decision should be made instantly and referees won’t be seen to be as bios to teams anymore.

But in the grand schemes of things, we still have the bitter taste imbedded in our memory of our old Frank not being award that goal in the quarters, has goal line technology come in to late?

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