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Zootool is about collecting, organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the internet.

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Smarter Bookmarking

Zootool has built-in autodetection of content from more than 100 websites, so you'll always get the best available previews, tag suggestions, titles and descriptions for your bookmarks. Zootool even pre-sorts your bookmarks by type, to save your time.
Collect Your Favorite Images

With Zootool you can collect images from any website. With built-in support for sites like Flickr, Dribbble, ffffound, Instagram, Twitpic, img.ly, 500px and many more Zootool makes image bookmarking even more awesome.
Build Your Own Video Library

Bookmark your favorites out of billions of videos from more than 30 supported video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, Flickr, Twitvid and many more. Play videos right in your bookmark collection and share them with your friends.
Keep Track of Your Documents

PDFs, Word documents, text-, css- or javascript-files, Slideshare presentations, Scribd documents or files from Docstoc – they are all bookmarkable with Zootool and we provide the best possible preview for them right inside your Zoo.
Save Your Favorite Websites

Bookmark the most interesting articles, websites or even RSS-feeds with Zootool and we'll generate an automatic screenshot for them, so you'll find them even faster next time.
Get Inspired

See what other Zootool users found on the web and add items from their collections to your Zoo in a single click. Follow users to always keep up to date with their latest catches.
Stay Organized

Organize your collected bookmarks in packs (our unique folder system) or add tags to find them faster next time you're looking for them.
Browser Extensions

We offer Zootool Browser Extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and great bookmarklets for all other browsers. So bookmarking with Zootool is always just a click away.
Zootool in Your Pocket

With our brand new Zootool iPhone app and our mobile optimized version for all Android phones, you can put your bookmark collection in your pocket.
Sharing Made Easy

Sharing your bookmarks with your friends is easy with Zootool. We offer built-in sharing for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Delicious and Friendfeed or you can simply use email-sharing to send bookmarks to any email address.
Import Your Bookmarks

You don't have to start from scratch on Zootool. Simply bring your bookmark export file from Delicious, Pinboard, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or many other services and browsers and import your collection instantly.
It's Your Data

We want you to have control over your data. We offer a fully featured API and data export for all entries that you've added to Zootool