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DataSift is a revolutionary curation and data-mining platform, designed to aggregate the real-time web to provide consumers and businesses unprecedented insight into what is happening now!

With so much news and data being created across multiple social networks, businesses and consumers need a way to cost effectively and efficiently filter it all to deliver the information that is valuable and meaningful to them – thus DataSift was born!

By leveraging our cloud-based platform you pay only for what you process, consume, store, and analyze. This is the heavy lifting done.

DataSift provides very granular and modular ‘sifting’ functions from a wide range of social and web input feeds, augmenting them with sentiment analysis, storage and analytics to offer an unrivalled service platform which leverages the cloud and scales infinitely.

The world is moving to streams, and consumers will consume and curate their own news. DataSift follows this paradigm shift and seeks to become the platform of choice for stream curation, consumption, and ultimately monetization. The end visualizations are unlimited and bounded only by your imagination.

We are a proud European technology startup, based in Reading, UK, but more recently incorporated in the US. For the past three years we have been building social media tools and platforms which are leading the expansion of the real-time social web.

DataSift was a recent finalist at Techcrunch Disrupt, and was recently voted one of the Top 10 European Startups to watch in 2011. We try to keep a low profile, and focus on delivering timely products to market.

Our ambition in life is to:

build the best platforms for developers, publishers, brands, and agencies.
unlock the power and data of social media.
do so in a fun and exciting way.