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Crowdbooster measures and optimizes your social media marketing by providing powerful, easy-to-use analytics and recommendations on Twitter and Facebook.

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 Dear teachers, researchers, social media curators Kindly I invite you to join free http://tiny.cc/docedtech20 and collaborate in #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation and #semantic global project gateway to knowledge in #education20 http://edtech20curationprojectineducation.blogspot.com/2011/07/introduction-for-free-edtech20.html ; http://central.ly/web20education/ http://unhub.com/web20education/
Please write CAREFULLY your name, email , country , twitter username,your google plus, your blog and I will invite you to join #edtech20 PLN http://web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ and wiki https://web20andsocialmediaineducation2010.wikispaces.com/ and I will make a wiki page with all collaborators . This is a free project for teachers who aims to bring semantic web , social media and web 2.0 in XXI Century Education and discover new #edtech20 #edtools
This topic is curated by me, Lucian Duma father , teacher, social media curator and researcher and you can contact me twitter http://twitter.com/#!/web20education ; read more about my research https://plus.google.com/117863563779519083553/about

Targeted Recommendations

We deliver you a plan of action instead of just a stream of information. Our analytics and recommendations show you how you can better reach important influencers, create content that resonates with your audience, and send content at the most effective times.

At-a-glance insights about each message

Analyze the performance of your individual tweets and posts with an interactive graph and table to quickly understand what’s working. Customize the date range to understand the impact of your campaign. Drill down to view engagement and reach metrics on Facebook and Twitter.

Follower and Fan Growth

Track the benefits of long-term engagement or the effectiveness of a one-time social media campaign. Customize the date range, view daily snapshots of community gains, and download reports of your progress.

Deep audience insights

Engage the fans that interact with you the most and uncover followers with high online influence. Use these insights to cultivate and maintain a brand community.

Manage multiple accounts

Bring your Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts together to have a complete view of your marketing efforts in one centralized place.