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We are always reading and trying to garner more and more information, but of what use is this knowledge if you can’t hold on to it and later showcase it to the world?
Bibkosh allows you to capture and store knowledge in your Personal Knowledge Vault on the World Wide Web, share it with your friends and peer and showcase it to the world through a unique Knowledge Profile.

Bibkosh is a porte-manteau of the Greek word bibliotheke or library and the Sanskrit word kosh or collection.

You can send all your knowledge to bibkosh to keep it safe in a neat and categorized online library, from where you can retrieve it at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Being a vault, it keeps your knowledge safe from prying eyes. You can choose to what degree you want to reveal this knowledge to the world, and we will ensure your wishes are respected.You can also share your knowledge with your bibkosh knowledge network as well as other friends and peer who are not yet on bibkosh. Once again, you hold the key and dictate to which level you want to share this information with others.

For more information on this, you can read our Privacy Policy.

The bibkosh vision is to connect people on the basis of “what they know.” We at bibkosh, want to create a Knowledge Graph that shows how you are connected to a person, not on the basis of who you are or who you know, but on the basis of what you know and what you are reading.

What can I do on bibkosh?

The bibkosh world can be encapsulated in 3 simple steps :

Capture and Store Knowledge

In today’s fast-paced world, it is next to impossible to capture all the information that flies by us at a lightning speed. Bibkosh allows you to capture and store all this information in your
Personal Knowledge Vault.

In the bibkosh world, everything that contains and transmits information is a Knowledge Object , be it a document, a presentation, a web page, a podcast, an audio/a video file or even an email ! You can send all these Knowledge Objects to your bibkosh vault, and we will keep them safe for you.

You can also organize your vault by creating Themes or sets of related Knowledge Objects, or opting for our system of automatic classification which quietly categorizes your Knowledge Objects while you go ahead with your work.

Once you have sent your knowledge to your bibkosh vault, you can go back to it at any point of time, from wherever you are and launch it in the bibkosh Ereader from where you can read / listen / watch it.

Collaborate and Share your Knowledge

Bibkosh also allows you to build your Knowledge Network by sharing your Knowledge with your bibkosh friends. You can discuss Knowledge Objects by commenting on them and have real-time conversations about them, keeping the Knowledge Object in the framework of the conversation.

In addition to this, you can also create groups on bibkosh and collaborate with your friends and peer on common projects. But even when you collaborate with people, you can choose to keep a part of your vault completely private. At bibkosh, we are maniacal about privacy, so we will keep those Themes and / or KOs under lock and key so that your friends don't even know of their existence!

Create your Knowledge Profile

Your knowledge, your savoir-faire and your expertise play a key role in your profile. It's crucial to showcase to the world what you know, in which field you are a connoisseur and in which you are a novice.

With bibkosh, you no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth or cumbersome dossiers to show to the world what you know. As your Knowledge Vault grows, you can choose to showcase some of it to the world. The minute you choose to showcase a Theme or a Knowledge Object, it will appear on your Knowledge Profile People visiting your profile will be able to see your knowledge interests, in which domains you are working and what you are currently reading.