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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Four Principles For An Open Digital World - author Don Tapscott TED Talk Video

4 Principles of A Networked World
Macrowikinomics author Don Tapscott shares great examples of his 4 emerging principles of our new digital world including:

* Collaboration.

* Transparency.

* Sharing.
* Empowerment

Marty Note
I found the discussion of the commons and the example of starling flocking behavior (at the end) the most resonant. I'd heard about the gold mine several times and agree with Tapscott - crowds are the key to our web future.

At Curagami we've been working on what it means to create online community. CTSE (Collaboration, Transparency, Sharing, Empowerment) are the table stakes of this new poker. We would add:

* Communication.
* UGC.
* Gamification.

Communication within and around the hub is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for online community. You need to be able to follow and communicate with me and vice versa.

User Generated Content must be listened to, valued and rewarded with gamification or its a one-time "one and done" thing.

malek's curator insight, September 2, 2014 1:00 PM

Highly engaging presentation. Gone are the days of Security and Reliability as the principles of a Networked world. The C-generation is pulling us to the CTSE world.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Meaning, Value, Drive in Work & Life: Dan Ariely TED Talk

Meaning, Value, Drive in Work & Life: Dan Ariely TED Talk | Curation Revolution |

Work and Value
Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational a great book for Internet marketers, explains how meaning is more important than money in this excellent TED talk. In a series of experiments Ariely explains the delicate ballet we dance between motivation, meaning and value.

Reminded me of Daniel Pink's Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. This talk ties to Trendwatching's report on Demanding Brands too ( ).

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference]

"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference] | Curation Revolution |

Even Google wants to escape the old SERPs only Google. Mobile, social and community are changing the web's landscape. Google is watching organic search growth slow thanks to social and mobile. Don't get hung out, diversify your Internet marketing.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

CrowdFunde Creating Crowdfunding's Hub [ScentTrail Video]

Funny How Things Turn Out
Every notice things rarely to NEVER turn out how you think or plan them? After creating, one of the first cancer research crowdfunding websites, it felt like the SEC was about to blow crowdfunding UP.

That feeling was so strong I wrapped up my foundation and left my Marketing Director position thinking would be all about enterprise crowdfunding (what is up on the website now).

Yeah, not so much as it turns out.

Yes the SEC & Google is about to put the three kinds of crowdfunding:

* Rewards (like
* Donation (like and and
* Equity and debt (where you trade money for shares, should be approved by early summer).

Crowdfunding is so VALUABLE to content marketing and SEO I thought "enterprise crowdfunding" was the way to go. The more I worked the problem the more meshing and mashing is the "lean startup" answer as I share in this video with  a cameo from Lucian the crazy cat.

Wish us luck and please follow us here:


Google Plus


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Think VISUAL ASSETS Not Infographics [VIDEO] Rand's Friday Whiteboard

Think VISUAL ASSETS Not Infographics [VIDEO] Rand's Friday Whiteboard | Curation Revolution |
While infographics are touted by some as wonderful examples of making information accessible, in today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us a very different view of them, making the case for using individual visual assets instead.

Via Peg Corwin
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Rand Fishkinn Whiteboard Friday on why your marketing should think in terms of "visual assets" not infogrpahics. 

Peg Corwin's curator insight, November 15, 2013 9:21 AM

Great VIDEO on INFOGRAPHICS.  I agree 100% with Rand. I think infographics are mostly worthliess.  

As an alternative, he recommends photos, charts/graphics, concept representations, comic/storyboards, and screenshots with explanations.

If you like this scoop, please consider a thumbs up or share.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Master Video Storytelling Tips - Being Interviewed By The Tar Heel Traveler

Master Video Storytelling Tips - Being Interviewed By The Tar Heel Traveler | Curation Revolution |

Fascinating to try to live blog an interview. It is impossible by the way at least for me. I had to stop typing while answering Scotty Mason; Raleigh CBS affiliate WRAL's Tar Heel Traveler's questions.

Scotty is a masterful visual storyteller and I picked up a few tips on this our third session together (Scotty shot a segment about Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer and helped create Cure Cancer Starter's mission video).

Video Storytelling Tips
* Don't have questions written down.

* But be prepared and know your subject.
* Be open to accident and unplanned ideas.

* Create in the moment on what inspires you.

* Ask great open-ended questions.
* If you don't hear what you want ask the same question again later.
* Shoot lots of related b-roll.

* Write a script AFTER filming.

* Tell a story.

Scotty's stories are always parabels. When he told Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer's story ( he stressed the winding road of one's life stesses not to take anything for granted.

Interesting to see how Scotty tells today's story.

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Present Shock When Everything Happens NOW

Present Shock When Everything Happens NOW | Curation Revolution |

 Douglas Rushkoff, who has just written the much lauded Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now.

Via jean lievens
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Future Is Happening NOW
Instead of Future Shock are we suffering "Present Shock". Maybe, but as an Internet marketer I know and can see in our numbers an important trend - real time. 

The closer our marketing is to NOW the better it does. Now is the only TIME the web knows and so now is where we will market in the future that is always happening right NOW :).  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Tina Fey's Improv Lesson In Content Marketing [VIDEO] Atlantic BT

Tina Fey's Improv Lesson In Content Marketing [VIDEO] Atlantic BT | Curation Revolution |
Tiny Fey's hilarious improv with James Lipton (video) shows how content marketing and Improv's rules have much in common like always start with agreement.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Fey's Masterclass In Content Marketing
Fun watching Tina Fey hilariously do Palin again and saw some interesting similarities between rulesof Improv and content marketing. 

Here are the "Rules of Improv" I focused the piece on:

  • Always Agree.
  • Agree And (add information).
  • Set time, place and location.
  • Be specific.

Fun piece to write. I got to watch Tina Fey's too perfect example of every improv rule as she responds to Lipton's questions as Palin (too funny :). 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Content Marketing Ninjas: Why Content Marketing Is New SEO [Live Blog + Video]

Content Marketing Ninjas: Why Content Marketing Is New SEO [Live Blog + Video] | Curation Revolution |
A live blog of the presentations of three incredible content marketing ninjas at the Raleigh SEO Meetup, 26 March 2013.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Content Is New SEO Event & Live Blog
Amazing Live Blog with embedded video from Google Hangout from my friend @MarkTraphagen from last night's Content Marketing Is The New SEO Meetup featuring presentations from @Casieg, @CommsNinja and @ScentTrail. Raleigh's SEO Meetup created and MCed by another friend @1918 who skyped in from Dallas last night.

My Storytelling Is The New SEO presentation is on Slideshare:

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong | Dan Pallotta Video on

Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend -- not for what they get done.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Such an important idea, that we are asking the wrong questions in the wrong way, shared on this heartfelt TED video by Ted Pallotta.

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Great Storytelling Is Great Marketing - New Leukemia Society "Cancer Cured" Ad Is Amazing

You'll remember this day forever. You'll remember where you were. This day has never been closer. Today, thanks to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society hundreds o...
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Rethinking The Museum: Why Open Source Will Win In The End

Rethinking The Museum: Why Open Source Will Win In The End | Curation Revolution |

Museums must become more open to what author Lisa Gansky calls "The Mesh". If consumers can't take pictures, consume and mashup a museum's content they are missing the open source future that is right around the mobile phone powered corner. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Museums Are Stupid
Actually museums are brilliant, but most people who manage museums haven't gotten the new social media marketing memo. I was reminded of how out of touch museums can be the other day.

I called our very good small museum, The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), to ask about shooting a marketing video in the museum. Not allowed I was told UNLESS I was a nonprofit. 

What? Are you kidding me?

Yes I wanted a beautiful backdrop for our marketing videos, but I also wanted to incorporate (or mashup if you will) several favorite paintings into our marketing discussion. I agree I shouldn't be able to profit from a museum built with my tax dollars, but that is not what I was attempting to accomplish.

The Benefactor = The Museum.

I wasn't going to resell the video or make money from it at least not directly. If I discuss Internet marketing standing in front of their amazing Alex Katz painting and incorporate the work into my presentation what is being advertised more? 

Answer = The Museum.

Teaching in our Thank You Economy (great book by Vaynerchuk) is a great way to disrupt, market and share. Teaching at the museum is mutually beneficial. They get free PR and awareness and that is our table stakes in the game or how we repay their willingness to allow us to shoot there. 

By being more generous about how their space can be used they INCREASE their awareness, visitors and change their context. Changing the experience of the brand is important to bringing in new people. Most museums are arrogant about shifting paradigms and context. 

Museums are the proverbial small fish in a big pond. Even the majors are FLEAS when it comes to marketing. Fleas who could be giants if they take an expansive view of their mission and content. If NCMA allowed filming then I and the others who film there gain a little even as the museum gains more.

Every museum must overcome the notion of being stuffing, elitist and so "not for me" in most people's minds. Museums are so self referential and dependent on the same rich people's support they trip over the mob's millions to pick up the rich guy's quarters.

The real money for any museum is in being seen as OPEN and ENGAGING. We live in hectic times. We consumers reserve our free time for places that are OPEN and ENGAGING such as Starbucks, the movies and the great outdoors. 

Museums are stupid if they don't understand a simple truth - they must compete for our attention just like any other brand. Here is the real pity. NCMA is a GREAT small museum and that is the real reason I wanted to ADVOCATE for them.

Their refusal to allow us to film is left over from an old time when copyright laws ruled the land. Not so much anymore because the (c) genie is out of the bottle. I used The Scream by Munch as the visual for this piece because it is a true horror story to museums. Seems someone forgot to do something and Munch's painting of universal angst wasn't protected. 

As a result my ex-wife sold an inflatable scream blowup doll. Here is my real lesson for Museum Directors. That doll introduced a new generation of people to Munch's work. The benefits of open source museum-ing are so much greater than its costs that smart museum Directors are already headed to a more inclusive and open ecosystem.

Here is my other important point: In the end, it doesn't matter what YOU want or think becasue open source will win in the end. There is no putting this mashup genie back in any bottle. Museum directors should relax and learn to love our abilit to roll their precious content like a burrito or they will alienate advocates and become the thing museums fear most - becoming an elitist institution with no relevance or meaning to anyone other than themselves.

Here endeth my open source musem scream :).  

Liz Hartnett's comment, January 26, 2013 3:42 PM
I agree, and am very glad that many museums are using technology to engage patrons. An excellent example at Atlanta's High Museum:
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The New Altruism - Wright, Shermer, Benkler [VIDEO]

The New Altruism - Wright, Shermer, Benkler [VIDEO] | Curation Revolution |

Robert Wright, Michael Shermer and Yochai Benkler believe we rebel against the one size fits all command and control systems so favored in the forties, fifties and sixties.

William Whyte wrote The Organization Man in 1957. In the last 15 years we've begun to question the "selfish" man model only motivated by extrinsic motivations (the whip, chair, gun or greed). We know we LOVE things and so are willing and happy to GIVE of our time, effort and life.

The New Altruism is being fueled by:

* Social Networks.

* Flat, Global and Connected world.

* Recognition not everyone is motivated by the same things.

* Greater understanding motivation is contextual too.

* A new era of cooperation and collaboration.

Here is The New Altruism: Wright, Shermer, Benkler

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I've written about The New Altruism since 2007 when no one cared. Now everyone seems to care. And they should because each day brings new cool tools, examples and chances to expand Internet marketing's New Altruism.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Is Google Becoming Amazon? WSJ Video

Is Google Becoming Amazon? WSJ Video | Curation Revolution |

When Google went public 10 years ago, co-founder Larry Page said he wanted to get his search engine's users out of Google and to the right place as fast as possible. Today, Google is often doing the opposite. WSJ's Rolfe Winkler reports on the News Hub with Tanya Rivero. (Photo: Getty Images).

Marty Note
10 years old Google is moving from search to a content and commerce portal. Increasingly Google wants to be s destination not simply the world leading sieve. Content is king and the king is beginning to emulate one of their subjects - Amazon.

Amazon has been successful at balancing their business between content and commerce. Many Amazon interactions are "rich search" engagements where we use Amazon's reviews or vast scale to teach us something about an online marketplace.

Look at Amazon's nascent entry into streaming video market. Using their loyalty program, Prime, Amazon has the most addictive and best looking streaming option. Amazon's advantage? They SELL movies as well as giving away what feels like about 1/3 of their titles FREE to prime members.

BRILLIANT use of a loyalty program since it reinforces a key benefit, access, and creates a crack cocaine like addiction. When I want to find a movie Netflix doesn't have Amazon is where I go. Lately I even pay to "rent" or "buy" a title too having plowed through free titles.

Now let's turn back to Google and realize that content, search and content are VERY different things. Amazon's use of prime to improve their streaming option into a viable digital marketplace demonstrates the interconnected synergies a commerce & content player like Amazon can achieve.

Can Google become equally as successful at content and commerce? Perhaps, but one need only look at Yahoo's struggles to be both search and content portal to question whether either is sufficiently difficult to demand full attention.

As we search less and differently Google wants to diversify and protect the kingdom they've built. Entering oceans made red with competition as both content and commerce are is a different gig. Will be interesting to see how the king adapts to being a lowly prince.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Video + Teach Beats Video Alone In Online Learning [Infographic] via @RKirkOwen

Video + Teach Beats Video Alone In Online Learning [Infographic] via  @RKirkOwen | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
Great meeting today with our Triangle Startup Factory mentor Kirk Owen (@RKirkOwen). Kirk is a Jedi Master Mentor and Internet marketer. He is working with VC Firm Intersouth Partners (@intersouth) to create an online site to help teach music with a combination of VIDEO and "live" via the web instructors.

COOL idea for ecommerce merchants to adapt especially given results of this study showing higher engagement and more money when video marketing is supplemented by a "live" instructor.

So imagine you are the Bass Pro Shop site. You are learning about new lures from videos and waiting for the Bass Pro to come explain how he matches lures to weather, water and other conditions. Videos helped you learn some features but the "live to the web" presentation via a G+ Hangout or via a streaming service increases engagement and conversion.

Oh, Time on Site goes up to since I bet Bass Pro Shops would find a large audience consuming videos immediately before and after the "live" presentation. Kirk is an amazing IMer, entrepreneur, coach and mentor. Follow him on Twitter and if you are in the Triangle area of NC ask him to lunch and guarantee you will be smarter for it.