Multiple Point of View Videos Rock Emotions | Curation Revolution |

Robin Good: Hadza is a new web service which leverages the power of video clips shot by smartphones at public events to recreate, after-the-fact, a multiple point of view video recording of those moments.


You can either shoot your clips with Hazda, or upload to Hazda any clip that is already on YouTube. 


Hazda's algorithm automatically groups videos together into "events" based on the GPS and time stamps they receive (videos are grouped together within 1000 meters and 20 seconds of each other.)


The service is free to use.






Find out more or try it now: 

**** Video marketing tsunami is here because videos bring emotions to web sites and all buying starts as an emotional decision. We buy with emotion and justify with logic. I love the crowd soucing nature of this new platform Robin discusses and its ability to help me build emotion into a video by jump cutting shots from others (jump cutting creates a sense of movement and ups the connection over a simple talking head). Marty

Via Robin Good