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Robin Good: Here is a collection of curated news sites that I have put together over the course of the last few months.

It contains over 30 news sites that utilize human curation to pick and showcase the most relevant stories in their area of coverage.

From early examples to news curation like Arts & Letters or the Drudge Report to the most recent examples of news curated sites for both big brands (Pepsi, Adobe), NGOs (FAO) and independent publishers (Techmeme, MediaGazer) you can find a broad range of examples to study, research or get inspiration from.

The collection is ony visual with a minimum of reference info.

Free. Updated monthly.

Curated news sites collection: https://gimmebar.com/library/curated-news-sites-examples/4f7b357e2f0aaa843e000002

Please suggest new additions to be included.

Marty Note
I wrote a piece abou a year ago Why Feeds Are In Your Future (linked below) epxlained why we will all be curating a synergy of created, curated and content fed with business rules and automatic systems. Robin's examples come almost exaclty a year later and are powerful evidence feeds are in all of our futures.

Why Feeds Are In Your Future (on ScentTrail Marketing)


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