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Showrooming Gets Complicated: Assessing The 'Amazon Risk' Is Not So Simple - 02/28/2013


" it turns out that according to Placed’s “Retailer Risk Index,” Bed Bath and Beyond, Petsmart, Toys R Us, Best Buy and Sears are the top five retailers most at risk from people showrooming at their physical locations and then buying via Amazon because these are the places admitted that Amazon showroomers tend to frequent.  

-- retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears are the most at risk from males showrooming, versus Kohl’s, Petsmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Marshall’s most at risk among women.

Cut the showroomers yet another way and the high spenders at Amazon tend to visit Victoria’s Secret, BJs, Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us and Costco most often."

Via k3hamilton