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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Evolution of Web Design & Marketing Infographic via @Curagami

Evolution of Web Design & Marketing Infographic via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Pushing web design forward too fast blows up trust from internal stake holders and visitors. There is an organic path the journey to online community takes.
Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, July 3, 2014 12:07 AM

Marty I agree. So many businesses still think "Build it and they will come".
The website gets built, they spend thousands promoting it and doing social media and yes the visitors come. One small problem no one discussed with the website development company or budgeted for follow up analytics and review of the design and content to see what changes can be made to improve the ux. So many visitor never comes back and that's where the problem is with most websites. Percentage of return visitors is key.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon | Curation Revolution |
Red Bull Branding shared how we are all media companies now. Red Bull Branding 2 is about how to build online community via Friends of Friends. Marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Community 70% Vs. Mercenary 30%
Once again today we saw an example of why we are creating our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami. Today the account created a business using Groupon.

The problem with "drastic deal" sites is they destroy brands even as they appear to be building them. Stopping applying margin eroding deals and business declines. Every "drastic deal" site operates on the premise of "burnout".

Like a vampire drastic deal sites bring clients in and get as much money as fast as possible. They pitch their services as "Internet marketing" when what they really are is a plague of locusts.

The single remaining asset created with lots of ad buys today was a solid mailing list. This is GOOD, but three transitions must happen now:

1. Content Must Be More UGC (User Generated Content) via contests, games and curation. Gamify and value UGC too.  

2. Engage the 70% of socially altruistic vs. 30% mercenary deal seekers. 

3. Curate, Curate and CURATE. 

Read Drive by Daniel Pink. In this MUST read Pink explains our misconception about what motivates MOST people. When a Swiss blood drive offered to PAY their conversions went DOWN. When they offered to give a donation to a charity donations went backup. 

Even when the MAIN instrument used to build a site is DEAL DEAL DEAL inside there list are people more moved by social altruism and doing the right thing than scratching for the lowest price.

If you see on PRICE you are doomed. Someone will always create a better offer. The irony of this company's positioning which was high end trying to create enough DEAL FLOW to keep their doors open with GroupOn only to find the truth - Groupon is the cocaine of the Internet.

Pivoting back toward what makes them BETTER and SPECIAL vs. their competition COMMUNITY is what jumped up out of the water as we spoke (once again). Problem is the now desperate person we were talking too could hear anything since his need for a cocaine fix is now so HUGE he is worried about losing his business altogether (and rightfully so since he asked the brand killer into his home).

Can drastic deal sites serve a purpose? Perhaps, but the infrastructure of COMMUNITY better be firmly in place before spending dollar one on GroupOn or sales will go UP and then come right back down.  

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Stop Solipsistic Marketing - 10 Tips via @Curagami & Curatti

Stop Solipsistic Marketing - 10 Tips via @Curagami & Curatti | Curation Revolution |
Is you digital marketing talking to itself about itself? Here are 10 Tips so your online marketing wins hearts, minds and loyalty. On Curagami & Curatti.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Tips On Curagami
1. Follow more followers.
2. Value & Curate User Generated Content ( #ugc ).
3. Find Your 1% Contributors & Give Them JOBS.
4. Follow & Brand Customers (like Red Bull Branding Lessons )
5. Gamify UGC.

Tips 6 -10 are on Curatti

6. Build Community.
7. Curate 90%, Create 10%.
8. Create An Ask.
9. Use new #marketingchannels like #crowdfunding .
10. Use #newmarketing tools such as +Curagami, +Listly, +Haiku Deck,  &  

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Brand Marketing And The New Rules Of Engagement: Branding Strategy Insider

Brand Marketing And The New Rules Of Engagement: Branding Strategy Insider | Curation Revolution |
For all the changes affecting media these days, the essential product of media, its content, is really no different. But consumers now consumer media content in a wholly different context, one that is embedded with many new cues.
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