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7 SEO Common and Dangerous Misconceptions Put Right [+ @ScentTrail Notes]

7 SEO Common and Dangerous Misconceptions Put Right [+ @ScentTrail Notes] | Curation Revolution |
Here are 7 common misconceptions some have about search engine optimization.

Via malek
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent Post, My Notes:

1. SEO is about more than keywords! Agree
 Hummingbird's ability to handle multi-word queries is setting the stage for semantic web when search engine spiders understand context, nuance and sarcasm. Keywords are important, but the "social vitality" of your content CONFIRMS your keyword-based claims.

2. Bing Doesn't Matter. Agree
When I went to work, I "retired" last week to start my 5th company, I set up my work PC to be all BINGED up. There is enough difference between Google and Bing that I wanted to know what the other guy was thinking (and how). Bing is NOT as fast as Google and they don't understand the content as well, but unimportant they aren't.

3. Google's Hide Of Keywords Kills SEO
No death here, just have to be more intelligent about modeling our content, understanding what (in the content) is creating conversion and doing analysis BEFORE we write to know the most important keywords. If "writers" gets 3x the traffic of "contributors" then use writers.

4. Good inbound links from comments (don't be absurd, Panda helped Google SEE into all of that kind of BS so stop trying to game and create great, highly viral content instead). Comments links, almost without exception, are no follow links. If you drive links to yourself that math will stick out like the SPAM sore thumb it is.


5. Subheads don't matter much (this was new to me and disappointing, I still like subheads for engagement and formatting though).

6. Don't mistake serendipitous conditions for meaningful patterns - this is a general truth and one blown up for +1s. Pages that receive a lot of +1s are also receiving other kinds of benefits, accolades and links. MOZ pointed out that just because two things happen together doesn't mean there is a cause and effect relationship and good idea to remember at all times and in all things Internet marketing.

7. No higher rank from authorship....yet. Not sure my friend Mark Traphagen would agree, but not important enough to get all bent out of shape over in an excellent post.


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malek's curator insight, December 11, 2013 9:13 AM

 Rather than chasing Google+1s of content, your time is much better spent making great content."

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Internet Marketing For Lawyers - Atlantic BT

Internet Marketing For Lawyers - Atlantic BT | Curation Revolution |
This post helps lawyers understand how to create an online brand, tell stories with keywords, support with social media, and create websites that WIN.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wrote this piece after having great conversations with lawyers in Raleigh about what they did and didn't understand about Internet marketing. The interesting part of thise conversations was what many of my lawyer friends thought they knew they didn't and what they thought they didn't know they weren't as far away as they thought. 

Welcome to the strange serendipity and mystery wrapped in enigma that is Internet marketing my legal brothers and sisters.  

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SEO Is Always Changing : Keywords In URLs

SEO Is Always Changing : Keywords In URLs | Curation Revolution |

Search & Social Media Survival Guide......***** A debate for a long time. Marty

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, December 8, 2011 7:28 PM
Your welcome and this has always been a tough and confusing topic somewhat less so now (hopefully :).
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Google Longtail SEO Keyword Infographic: How Google Killed Long Tail Keywords

Google Longtail SEO Keyword Infographic: How Google Killed Long Tail Keywords | Curation Revolution |
**** When Google decides there isn't enough search volume to support selling a keyword it effectively kills long tail keywords. Marty
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, December 1, 2011 9:18 PM
From my friend @1918 (Phil Buckley)
Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about!!

Semantic Keyword Research Important Starting Now

Semantic Keyword Research Important Starting Now | Curation Revolution |
***** With Google's recent vote for the "semantic web" widening research to include a semantic approach is important. Marty

An all in one. It's really an extraordinary item for doing the right things to improve your ranking. If you have a blog with great articles, but not many visitors, apply the ideas in this article, it'll help you for sure. [note mg]

Think about semantic keyword research to help you focus your content and and improve your rankings.

From Google’s Panda, Search Plus Your World and Venice updates, in the last year alone the SEO landscape has changed. And while that means your SEO strategy will change, too, there is one thing that remains the same…keywords.

Keywords remain important to your content and link strategies.

But there is one change coming down the Google pipeline that will change keywords…semantic search technology and the human element.

What is semantic search?

Basically, semantic search is technology that tries to determine what users mean when they type in a certain keyword.

They explore the semantics of those words…or the meaning behind them.

For example, if someone typed in “laptop” do they mean:

  • That they want to buy a laptop?
  • Have one repaired?
  • Upgraded?
  • Are they even talking about a computer, but something entirely different?

In the real world most people don’t search with one keyword…additional keywords give additional clues.

Read more:

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The Age Of Vanishing Keywords

The Age Of Vanishing Keywords | Curation Revolution |
Solving the new SEO success analytics & measurement riddle, from traditional to radical methods...
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