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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Why Your Website Needs A MacGuffin - via @Curagami

Why Your Website Needs A MacGuffin - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Websites Need MacGuffins
Website MacGuffins are different than film MacGuffins, an idea important to moving the plot along that may never be fully disclosed to viewers. Website Macguffins move customers along a journey to conversion.

Website MacGuffins Include:

  • Free Shipping.
  • Prevalent & Easy To Find Email List.
  • About Page.
  • Relevant Content.
  • Reviews.
  • Trust Marks (Visa, MasterCard for example) in cart.
  • Terms of Use.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Social Share Buttons especially Twitter and Facebook.

What are your website's MacGuffins?

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Color Is MASTER of Us ALL: Colors and Conversion

Color Is MASTER of Us ALL: Colors and Conversion | Curation Revolution |
Color has a powerful psychological influence on the human brain. Learn how others have harnessed it and how you can do the same.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Color Is MASTER of Us All Infographics:

Color and Conversion (here on Curation Revolution)

Color Cordination ( on Design Revoluiton)

Color Preference By Gender ( On BI Revolution)

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Marketing Revolution!

19 Conversion Improvements To Make Before 12.25 [+ 12 From Marty]

19 Conversion Improvements To Make Before 12.25 [+ 12 From Marty] | Curation Revolution |

The single most important component of your web-based business is your website's conversion rate. What is a conversion?

Marty Note
This is an important list of common ways to increase conversion. I might move cart work up to #2 or #3, but I can understand why the author has it lower down. Shopping carts are painful to change. Touch your shopping cart now and you are NUTS since the biggest deadline we all have is around the corner (12.25).

Here are some quick fix conversion additions I would make after $30M in online sales over seven years:

* Free Shipping All Orders, All Shipments (don't fight it). 
* Better Email Marketing (see tips). 
* Better email tool (Bronto is best). 
* FASTER website (Offload images/video to Akami or similar).

* More SOCIAL (Facebook LIKES, G+ and Twitter everywhere). 

* More SOCIAL (bring my friends into my shopping experience). 
* REVIEWS - (critical for ecomm and must have some bad). 

* Review the Reviewer - (makes reviews trusted).  
* Coordinate social, email, catalog and website (always friction). 
* Keywords In Navigation, Titles and H1 (can always be better).

* Breadcrumbs (great spider food).

* Merchandise and simplify internal search (big bucks here).

Pick any 3 from the list above and your website's sales will increase before this Christmas. Do them all before Christmas and I owe you lunch for a week (lol). 

Good luck. Try to get some sleep between now and Valentine's Day :).  


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Suggested by Iulian Grigorescu!

eCommerce Websites Convert Better With Modern Web Design Techniques

eCommerce Websites Convert Better With Modern Web Design Techniques | Curation Revolution |

You probably heard about the modern web design term at least once, but how can be used correctly with an online shop? What are the requirements?

Marty Note (here is how I shake out on each of these recs)

Big Hero Or Sliders Agree With Caveat!
Depends on what you do immediately to the right or under your large hero. Hero's create HOT SPOTS on the right and immediately below, hot spots that convert and hot spots NO ONE uses (goofystupid). If you are running an ecommerce site you aren't selling the picture, but you do need the attention it can grab. Make sure you put a Call-To-Action to the right or immediately below. People don't like to click within a hero (especially a big one), so CTA below even if it is a restatement.
Does a good job with a large static hero and a "can't miss" CTA with 3 critical links almost directly below the hero. & I DO NOT like sliders.

Warmer Colors - AGREE!
Websites are inherently COLD so warming them up with strong accent colors is a must. Remember to figure in the images you like to include. You can use more warm color if your images always have white backgrounds. If not, you may achieve "warmer" with images instead of needing to modify your design.

Interesting Grids - AGREE!
Thanks to Pinterest the GRID is getting creative. Grids are a great way to share a lot of information fast.

Flat Design - Agree!
The web doesn't do 3D well (yet), so flattening out your design can help make buying decisions easier. Include zooms if applicable and remember to ask your customers to share pics of your products on them or in their homes (great User Generated Content).

Vine has me convinced there are ways to create animations that help and don't hurt, but be careful. An animation that doesn't stop (like Vine videos) can be obnoxious. I prefer giving control of animations to the click over auto-play. If someone ASKED to see the animation its different than if you just start playing it and it doesn't stop.

Mobile Friendly UI - Agree!
Your responsive design must master the swipe, spin and scroll of the mobile experience. If your site isn't FUN and easy to spin, snip and buy from your customers won't. Spoke with a friend at lunch in the craft space today and her traffic is now HALF mobile, so make sure your content is FUN to use on a phone or pad and takes advantage of the mobile UI.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Nets Are Cool, But Blogs Are Content Marketing's Work Horse

Social Nets Are Cool, But Blogs Are Content Marketing's Work Horse | Curation Revolution |

Great post from @TMGmedia correctly defining the work horse of any content marketing - your BLOG. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't Be Fooled, Blogs Rule Influence and Conversion

Social nets form a vibrating membrane of marketing communications. Social nets vibrate and bang off each other like bumper cars. Social signals are the confirming truth of the new SEO and so very important, but when it comes to conversion and sharable influence your BLOG rules. 

This post from @TMGmedia is very specific and helpful in reminding content marketers that blogging is about money. Social nets are moths to a light, needed and important but you won't be the only moth attracted to that flickering light. 

Blogs, especially blogs well supported by social media, create distinction and voice. There is only ONE company that sounds like YOU (hopefully that is true even if you have multiple authors writing for you). 

Resist the corporate tendency to smooth out all the edges and create a zombie voice. Distinct beliefs voiced with strength and confidence promotes shares and relationships. Be a human or accurately voice your company's human character.  

Remember to share as much as you preach and balance your approach (not all long posts, not all short posts). Do what fits the content and your discovery / message and do so with authenticity and honesty and your tribe will grow. 

Note: yes those are Magnetic Poetry Kit words, the cool gift item created by David Kapel the gift company I co-founded brought to market all thos years ago :).M


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Visual Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion

5 Visual Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion | Curation Revolution |
5 Visual Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion If content is king after Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes then visual content is Queen. Visuals create engagement. You see increased...
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