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Websites vs. Blogs – Which One is Better and Why?

Websites vs. Blogs – Which One is Better and Why? | Curation Revolution |
harish magan's curator insight, December 9, 2013 9:05 PM

visit "thoughts of Harish magan in tumbler for more information

Cees van Dijk's curator insight, December 11, 2013 7:11 AM

I prefer reading blogs. And you?

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Social Nets Are Cool, But Blogs Are Content Marketing's Work Horse

Social Nets Are Cool, But Blogs Are Content Marketing's Work Horse | Curation Revolution |

Great post from @TMGmedia correctly defining the work horse of any content marketing - your BLOG. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't Be Fooled, Blogs Rule Influence and Conversion

Social nets form a vibrating membrane of marketing communications. Social nets vibrate and bang off each other like bumper cars. Social signals are the confirming truth of the new SEO and so very important, but when it comes to conversion and sharable influence your BLOG rules. 

This post from @TMGmedia is very specific and helpful in reminding content marketers that blogging is about money. Social nets are moths to a light, needed and important but you won't be the only moth attracted to that flickering light. 

Blogs, especially blogs well supported by social media, create distinction and voice. There is only ONE company that sounds like YOU (hopefully that is true even if you have multiple authors writing for you). 

Resist the corporate tendency to smooth out all the edges and create a zombie voice. Distinct beliefs voiced with strength and confidence promotes shares and relationships. Be a human or accurately voice your company's human character.  

Remember to share as much as you preach and balance your approach (not all long posts, not all short posts). Do what fits the content and your discovery / message and do so with authenticity and honesty and your tribe will grow. 

Note: yes those are Magnetic Poetry Kit words, the cool gift item created by David Kapel the gift company I co-founded brought to market all thos years ago :).M


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Why Content Gets Shared: Content Marketing Social Mentions Study

Why Content Gets Shared: Content Marketing Social Mentions Study | Curation Revolution |
Content Marketing 101 "Wow you create a lot of content," a friend said at lunch yesterday. I felt the need to apologize (again). "I love Internet marketing,
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Why Content Gets Shared
Turns out our gut instincts about content marketing are correct. The TOOLS we use and the content we curate and create make a difference in the amount and velocity of our social shares.

Tools such as and your blog are indispensible say the results from a 30 day in depth view of @ScentTrail mentions on Topsy. Type of content also matters.

Infographics, SEO and my trusty ScentTrail Daily generate the most mentions. Friends also matter.

#4 on the mentions list is group tweets from friends with thanks or best wishes for the weekend. Staying connected and sharing are critical to successful content marketing.

Interesting bottom line is a confirmation of what all content marketers know to be true. Confirmation of the fact that content gets shared is in the numbers. I don't curate or create 30 pieces of content a day (well not on most days lol) and I've certainly NEVER created 66 (most mentions in a single day in this study.

These numbers confirm what we know - content gets shared and explains what types of content is most likely to generate shares and what tools to use to promote shares.

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, July 12, 2013 11:34 PM

Marty thanks for sharing this study. In the world of online social sharing we need to rethink of the role as content providers. 

My thoughts on how old content media producers need to evolve.

Interesting to see how newspapers, tv and radio are starting to figure out the "value added" model of internet marketing.  People will pay for digital content, and the great thing for the publishers is the low cost of distribution. Online marketers have done it for years using micro websites with targeted content and now apps. I don't see why a newspapers,etc. should be any different.


The way I see it is the newspaper and their website should be the teaser to the value added content. Right now it's like they tell the story and move on, then cry the blues, no one will pay us for our content. Now if they extended the content or partnered with someone (eg health or fitness) for value added content people would pay. 


The newspapers, tv, etc, need to become the advertiser of the content, instead of depending on advertisers to support the media.

They have a reader base that many bloggers would love to have, but they need to rethink the connections they make with the reader.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 13, 2013 7:23 AM
Great analysis by Brian. I go even a step further in Saving The News&Observer and suggest that newspapers become part of their own rehabilitation by embracing the CROWD in real time by throwing off their "we are here to guide you" ethos. The editorial-centric model is over. Brian's idea about promotion-centric is a good one, but I want more. I want these organization deep in the weeds on things so WEB marketing they can't NOT understand how DIFFERENT life is and will always be from that magic time when a newspaper could take down a President, we could only watch 4 TV channels and exciting programming was a show about a boy named Beaver :). M