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The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck

The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck | Curation Revolution |

Rise of Social Shopping
Blink an eye and big stuff happens. With valuations in the billions for sites such as +OpenSky and in the hundreds of millions for relative newcomer Don't get lost in the trap such valuations create.

Remember Arthur C. Clarke's quote:
Any sufficiently NEW technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC.

There are several forms of new ecommerce magic happening now including:

+Wanelo = gamified, social & mobile shopping.
MassDrop = social affiliate program.
+OpenSky = Social Shopping with a #crowdfunding or +quirkydotcom  feel. = social shopping.
+Etsy = +eBay for crafters.
+Woot = Daily Deal

We added a new section to our Ecommerce Questions Haiku Deck to reflect the rise of social shopping. We also noted how and why Amazon should be worried. New "social shopping" plays are hitting Amazon right where they are vulnerable - community, social and mobile.

Amazon is  "Search and Stab" and they are about to compete with savvy mobile game creators. Shopping as a social game will beat low prices created by scale. Didn't Amazon just prove that point by vanquishing Walmart from the king's ecommerce throne?

Amazon understands the ARBITRAGE of online commerce better than anyone, but what if arbitrage wasn't the driving force anymore? Going to be an interesting fight between SCALE and its many benefits and a new generation of "kids" who don't know any better than to question everything, assume nothing and have FUN.

Fun is contagious. Will follow with video notes soon.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic]

Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic] | Curation Revolution |
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Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

More And More People Connected To The Web For Longer Amounts of Time is a pretty great graphic and summary of our most Internet marketing future. This excellent article from trusted source Brian Solis implies the death of things such as:

* The static web (everything moves all the time now).

* The lecture web (all content is conversation now).

* The textual web (visuals, visuals and visuals rule).

* The one size fits all web (mobile, social and local now).

* The work web (web worming into all hours now).


The web's working its way into everything from our refrigerator telling us it is time for service to our Social, Local and Mobile dreams and desires is the ubiquitous web, the infinite waterfall web, the web whose presence is taken for granted and ever-present. 

In a way we will know we've succeeded as Internet marketers when the word "Internet' is no longer part of our job description. When we return to being "marketers" again because Internet is understood we've safely arrived at our destination - The Next Web.  


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SEO Impact of Google’s Search Plus Your World | Practical eCommerce

SEO Impact of Google’s Search Plus Your World | Practical eCommerce | Curation Revolution |

As search and social become ever more entwined in Google’s and Bing’s algorithms and search results, search engine optimizers cannot afford to turn a blind eye to social media.


Via Antonino Militello
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Why All Marketing Is Personal Now - ScentTrail Marketing

Why All Marketing Is Personal Now - ScentTrail Marketing | Curation Revolution |

Love Is The Killer App

If Will Dean's, CEO of Tough Mudder, recent statement, "Experience is the new luxury good," is correct then all marketing is personal now. Days when presence was enough are over.

If Will Dean is right and so all marketing is personal Faith Popcorn's famous statement about brands needs modification too. Popcorn, the marketing master and author, famously aid, "People don't BUY brands they JOIN them".

In this post I modified Popcorn's statement to fit our social, mobile and connected marketing revolution times to, "People don't BUY brands they LOVE them". Love, it turns out, is the killer app.

Note, added a great related infogrpahic from the startup @HaggleApp now in beta (

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, June 9, 2013 10:45 AM
Thanks for the comment Francis. Not sure I agree with the idea of "wasted". Since consumption is so easily within our control those sharing don't have to find an audience. I've done extensive analysis on what kind of information creates an audience and negative doesn't work nearly as well as positive. This doesn't mean there isn't an audience for both just that we prefer stories of HOPE. Increasingly the more personal the story the more support or engagement it creates. Let's amend that to say the more positive and personal the story the more successful. Marty
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, June 10, 2013 8:09 PM
Good comment Francis and you are onto what Popcorn meant. That people join meaning and so a brand with meaning creates itself. Pity the poor brand whose meaning is hollow, perceived as non-relevant or uncaring. Benjamin Moore just launched a perfect example of social branding and joining today with their Main Streets Matter campaign. Aligned to their brand, well executed and a perfect example of how a company can "humanize" itself so thousands (perhaps millions) will "join".
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SEO and Data Got A THING Going On | ScentTrail Marketing [going viral]

SEO and Data Got A THING Going On | ScentTrail Marketing [going viral] | Curation Revolution |

Had a brief conversation with Brian Yanish (@MartingHits) this morning via comments and spent the day trying to figure out the implications of a single thought:

Data (the content we create and curate) is the NETWORK now.

We've moved so far from Sun MicroSystems The Computer Is the Network. Heck we have the equivalent of the most powerful Sun MicroSystem in our pockets now. This thought created many implications such as:

* My post becomes OUR post.

* The Data Is The Network.

* Move from creator to curator and back again.

* We wait for The Great Data Pumpkin.

* We are all publishers now.

Had a fun day thanks to Brian. Hope you have fun reading about why we are all rebel disruptors now. Put on your beret, raise your fist and see if you agree the data is the network.

Here is to the rebel disruptors in all of us!

Curation Of SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On
Added a link to a great Google Plus discussion you can become part of here:

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