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Curation is the next web revolution.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

SEO and Data Got A THING Going On | ScentTrail Marketing [going viral]

SEO and Data Got A THING Going On | ScentTrail Marketing [going viral] | Curation Revolution |

Had a brief conversation with Brian Yanish (@MartingHits) this morning via comments and spent the day trying to figure out the implications of a single thought:

Data (the content we create and curate) is the NETWORK now.

We've moved so far from Sun MicroSystems The Computer Is the Network. Heck we have the equivalent of the most powerful Sun MicroSystem in our pockets now. This thought created many implications such as:

* My post becomes OUR post.

* The Data Is The Network.

* Move from creator to curator and back again.

* We wait for The Great Data Pumpkin.

* We are all publishers now.

Had a fun day thanks to Brian. Hope you have fun reading about why we are all rebel disruptors now. Put on your beret, raise your fist and see if you agree the data is the network.

Here is to the rebel disruptors in all of us!

Curation Of SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On
Added a link to a great Google Plus discussion you can become part of here:

With over 300 views in less than 24 hours SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On is going viral thanks to 22 Retweets, 5 Facebook Likes and 7 Plus 1s. I'm curating and link the conversation here: .

Join Us.

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Can Brands Become Money-Making Publishers Themselves?

Can Brands Become Money-Making Publishers Themselves? | Curation Revolution |

**** Love the idea of brands as tent poles creating their own centrifugal force. Marty ****

"Major brands are slowly discovering that e-commerce may not be the only revenue stream the digital world has to offer them."


Andy Nibley wrote this guest post on; he's the CEO of Yieldex.


His take is that major retailers have such a big trafic they're now starting to make money not just by selling products but by selling ads to other retailers orbrands: "So here’s a fresh example of the internet’s law of unintended consequences: Corporations who never had an interest in publishing may find that there is money to be made by sharing their customers with other brands."


The rationale being  that ad margins can be higher than retail margins.


What I feel this all means is that, in our noisy Web, catching the consumer attention becomes the greatest asset of all.

Via Guillaume Decugis
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