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9 Tools Every Blogger Should Use | Social Media Examiner

9 Tools Every Blogger Should Use | Social Media Examiner | Curation Revolution |


#1: BuzzSumo

Use BuzzSumo for content brainstorming or to plan blogger email outreach and social media marketing campaigns.


#2: Stay Focusd

The free StayFocusd app (available on Chrome only) is a must-have for any online blogger or marketer.

Stay Focusd lets you block out websites of your choice.


#3: Add From Server

Enter Add From Server, which lets you simply import any files you’ve uploaded into the WordPress media library.


#4: Easy Tweet Embed

With Easy Tweet Embed, blog owners can easily create multiple pre-populated tweets in their blog post. The pre-populated tweets make it easier for readers to retweet the posts.


#5: Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is an incredibly simple and effective solution if you want to sell memberships for premium content on your blog,


#6: Internet Archive

Are you audio blogging or podcasting? If the sizes of your audio files exceed what you can store on Podomatic or Soundcloud without paying an additional monthly fee, I recommend Internet Archive.


#7: Namechk

Before you launch any online presence for your business, make sure all social media accounts related to your name are available. That’s where comes in.


#8: Easelly has a lot of templates you can start with and each one is simple to modify. Just drag and drop the elements, add your text, and change the colors.


#9: Markdown Quicktags

Do you write blog posts outside of WordPress? To move your posts into WordPress with automatic formatting, learn how to write posts using multi-markdown symbols and install the Markdown Quicktags plugin.


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Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love BuzzSumo as a means to know conversations happening on keywords important to you. If stuff is blowing up in your space and you are NOT discussing it on social or your blogs your authority goes down. Other tools new to me :). M

marketingIO's curator insight, September 2, 2014 8:59 PM

Click through for details to each tool. #2 is a stretch, but I'm considering switching over from Firefox to use this tool.

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Salesforce Unveils Social-Media Monitoring

Salesforce Unveils Social-Media Monitoring | Curation Revolution | unveiled tools to help companies monitor what people are saying about their brands on Facebook and Twitter, and organize marketing campaigns on such services, the software maker's latest bet that social media will remain relevant to businesses.

**** Having worked with Radian6 (current leader in online reputation management or ORM) over the last week I can tell you monitoring is NOT easy. Be interesting to see if a non-reputation management company can throw enough IT power at a BIG data problem. Marty

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Reputation Management Is Changing - Radian6

Reputation Management Is Changing - Radian6 | Curation Revolution |
Social Media Monitoring and Engagement...

*** I keep coming back to radian6, a ORM (online reputation mangement) tool set that manages BIG DATA and has another side, a more marketing / brand deveopment side, that is cool and rarely exploited to full potential. As we News Jack everything and respond to a constant NOW there are some things we need to curate such as the organic nature of brands best accomplished in some alchemist way, some secret way with a tool meant for other things (like radian6 I'm thinking). Marty

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