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Why American Healthcare Has No Clothes via Curagami

Why American Healthcare Has No Clothes via Curagami | Curation Revolution |

American Healthcare Is Broken
This post shares a patient's perspective on why we can't get there (feel better) from here (our current healthcare system). Patients don't and can't feel heard because our treating hospitals and doctors don't have tools needed to do so.

The government's fix is more than partly to blame. Luckily one of my friends is working on a better system. Learn more about how we fix American healthcare and share your story, experience or ideas.  


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Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI

Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI | Curation Revolution |

Hunting social media marketing ROI can make it easy to ignore the most important point - Your company, brand and product must have a social media marketing strategy.

Marty Note
The soial ROI controversy is in high gear thanks to a Forrester report (see my Don't Follow GoofyStupid and the Clueless post from yesterday: ). I thought it would be a good idea to go over some social media marketing basics. 

First, I am NOT a mystic or philosopher. I was trained in e-commerce by direct marketers. I believe in Internet marketing's ROI. Increasingly I understand that ROI is tied to who we are, what we project and how well our talk matches our walk.

Caveat stated, here are some thoughts on what Social Media Marketing IS:

* Aspirational - speaks to who we ARE and Want To Be.
* Connection - speaks to our desire to learn from each other.
* Exploration - speaks to the inner explorer in all of us. 
* Saves World - creates community and action. 
* Elicits Joy - helps share discoveries, joy, victories and defeats. 

If these attributes sound like Jim Stengel's fundamental human characteristics brands need to align to it is on purpose (read GROW by Stengel). In the post Social Media Marketing The Most Valuable ROI I asked if you could afford NOT to create a social presence. I don't think avoiding things is as powerful as wanting something. Let's recast the question and ask if it is important your brand connect, explore, impact, have aspirations and share joy? 

Yes right? 

Social Media The Most Valuable ROI

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Q: Can You Gamify Anything? A: Yes - Win Hearts & Minds With Marketing Gamification

Q: Can You Gamify Anything? A: Yes - Win Hearts & Minds With Marketing Gamification | Curation Revolution |

Gamification White Paper from Atlantic BT with tips on how to use games and gamification to achieve Internet marketing objectives.

Marty Note
Can you gamify anything? Yes and that is why we wrote this paper about how to increase loyalty with gamification. This HOW TO and no charge or obligation white paper helps readers imagine how to gamify their websites because games are the stickiest content on earth and who doesn't like to "win"?

Enjoy and if you have great examples of gamification in marketing please share.

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5 Under Used Secret Internet Marketing Weapons Hiding In Plain Sight

5 Under Used Secret Internet Marketing Weapons Hiding In Plain Sight | Curation Revolution |

Exclusive Content for Curation Revolution ( ) on

Marty Note

I've been on vacation this week. When on vacation your mind starts to cycle differently. Today my mind was thinking about things I know are secret weapons, things that are sitting there waiting for someone to understand well enough to use for good purpose (hopefully). Here is my list of 5 weapons in waiting: 

1. The Keyword Tag

When we move to a semantic web the lowly tag will be our guide. We will learn to tag things fast with clear hierarchy and connection across a galaxy of content. Those who can tag will be able to curate and create an order of magnitude more content so the skill will go Darwin and become an epidemic.

2. The #Hashtag

If keyword tags are powerful the #Hashtag has super powers. Since #hashtags are attached to one of the best real time search engines, Twitter, the hashtags largely under utilized POWER is begging to have a hybrid brain, enough left brain to understand mixed with enough right brain creative to know what to do, to pick the #hashtag up and make it sing a special song.

3. (

Perhaps the best of the "do more with less" tools ( ) combines the power of the tag and #hashtag with magic, with the ability to create a beautiful auto-magazine with minimal curation and oversight. The opportunities for feedback and interaction are so expanded by @SmallRivers tool that the first group to really know how to plug and play Paper.lis across their segments and keywords will be dangerous.

4. The Mobile App

Google reported lower than expected earnings this week ( showing a loose brick in the dam. For the first time ever the number, in absolute terms, of searches DECREASED.

This is HUGE as it is the realization of the Mobile First movement ( ). Mobile represents a viable shadow government and it is creating havoc for the digital mafia (Facebook, Google, Amazon). No one knows what is next, but it is going to be DIFFERENT and MOBILE.

5. ( )

The brilliance of the strategy is coming into view. knows we need a hub to clean up our social mess. is waging an intelligent campaign to become the way we organize every other social tool, content and site.

The people who made the real money in the gold rush in the 1800s? Not the miners. If you dollar cost averaged all of their "killings" across all the chasers the miners made little. The people who helped the miners get organized, file claims and provided the pitchforks made the real money.'s strategy to sell digital pitchforks is brilliant, intelligent and I like using their pitchfork more and more (something that can't be said for most pitchforks that tend to create the opposite reaction). 

Now back on vacation for one last weekend :). 

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