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How To Make Buffer's Social Failure Your Success via Curagami

How To Make Buffer's Social Failure Your Success via Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Buffer's Social "Failure" = Your Success
Make Buffer's Social Failure Your success with lessons from three great web marketing books including Superforecasting, The Silo Effect and The Black Swan. The post builds on a Buffer post sharing their shocking 50% decline in social media traffic. 

The real question is - ARE THEY FAILING.

They seem to think so and that thought may point to bigger issues. Issues well outlined in 3 great web marketing books (note if you buy using the links to Amazon below you make a contribution to curing cancer TY)

SuperForecsting: The Art and Science of Prediction  

The Silo Effect: The Perils of Expertise

The Black Swan:  Impact of the Highly Improbable

How web marketers THINK about what they are doing matters and this Curagami post shares tips on how to THink Like An Internet Marketer along with links to some of our favorite web marketers including several from

@Guillaume Decugis 
@Cendrine Marrouat - 
@Brian Yanish - 

Among others.

Start thinking like a web marketer, read this Curagami post  

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Trending Vs. Best Sellers via @Curagami

Trending Vs. Best Sellers via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Trending AND Best Sellers
Good idea to have TRENDING and BEST SELLERS categories. B2B SaaS companies may not have "best seller". "May not" because we believe every online marketing team should have an ecommerce store, but few B2B marketers take us up on that belief.  

Trending  is what is happening NOW. Best Sellers are what has happened over a longer period (say a month, quarter or year). Trending is a great word since it implies the influence of the "mob". 

The best "trending" is where the guts of the trending engine is shared and easy to see. Digg's voting engine or Facebook's thumbs up / down make it easy to SEE the tribe and their votes.

We added Trending as a category today, but are manually calculating what should be in the category form Google Analytics. Better to automate it all and then share what you automated. If you count sales, shares and subscriptions (immediately after)  TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS and they will give you the kind of feedback your system needs.

If you aren't that sophisticated yet do something like what we are doing. Share your GA results so customers know how you are calculating "trending" (reminds us we need to add that). Not as good as trending based on easy to SEE feedback loops, but trust creating nonetheless.  

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Iceberg Effect - A Marin Must Read Sentence

Iceberg Effect - A Marin Must Read Sentence | Curation Revolution |

The Iceberg Effect is why you may not know what you don't know when marketing online. This Curagami post shares how to avoid becoming an online Titanic.

Learn about The Iceberg Effect on our latest Curagami post:

DareDo's curator insight, November 27, 2014 9:25 AM

I'm not sure I understand everything here. But I'm sure we should explore this more in depth.