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Make Twitter's FUNK Your Startup's, Company's or Brand's Ascendence

Make Twitter's FUNK Your Startup's, Company's or Brand's Ascendence | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note on Twitter Marketing Lessons

There was an employee a secret cop at Twitter I had to call. My feed was on the wrong side of some unwritten law and it was in "Twitter Jail". Finally, I got an email through to the secret cop and she told me in an overly hurried voice (amazing how you can get so much information between the lines in an email) that I was no longer n Twitter Jail. 

San Francisco Rocky Horror Warp
Read the post and try not to do everything Read Write outlines, but we have another take - don't put your company in San Francisco or don't leave it there. San Francisco is an AMAZING place. 

If I could afford to live there I would be in San Francisco. When I sold sweetener for NutraSweet to Dryers in Berkley I loved staying at the Claremont. But there is something warping about the bay area. The arrogance, tunnel vision and pit bull meanness are hard to overstate. 

I've had versions of the secret cop story over and over. One of the owners of Bunchball, a gamification engine, tore me up one side and down the other for the sin of wanting to purchase and use his software to help cure cancer. 

For all the MAGIC in the air help, the bay area and success can be deadly combinations. Twitter was so LARGE and IN CHARGE, I had to beg a secret cop to release me from jail despite never understanding what I did to end up there in the first place. If you believe in business karma then every customer slap eventually comes back. 

Nietzsche's Superman
Nietzsche believed adversity created life. No adversity, no challenge, no life. Twitter's adversity can teach valuable lessons in life's inevitable humility, the curse of being the smartest guys in the room and time's constant arrow toward entropy. 

Entropy is a truth we all know - everything organized becomes less so, everything valued now becomes less so, everything known becomes boring, and every lesson hangs around until learned. 

Twitter is great and can become greater still, but not without soul searching adversity and connection with customers. Yep, no more secret cops. Listening more and abusing less would be good. 

Twitter is sitting on a mountain of fascinating information. SHARE IT. What about asking for help, innovation, and ideas from customers? What about asking for help? 

Entropy happens, we all die, but we and Twitter don't have to die TODAY. If Twitter keeps doing what they've been doing they are done. If Twitter listens, opens up and looks for help they win big. Just because you are young, rich and smart doesn't mean HELP isn't valuable or the oxygen needed now. 

When in doubt be nice. Be nice today because tomorrow someone can treat you like you treated them when you were sure the world revolves aorund you, your company and its brilliance. The world runs on pain, joy and beauty. If your company can relieve one (pain) and promote others (joy and beauty) life is good. Success is rarely about YOU and always about THEM & US :). Marty 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Hiring Is Changing : Hire People Who Fail

Hiring Is Changing : Hire People Who Fail | Curation Revolution |
A few weeks ago, I wrote about avoiding social media failures. I briefly mentioned our company's "Failure Wall" and was surprised by the number of comments and questions I received about it.
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Plan on a #SocialMediaFail

Plan on a #SocialMediaFail | Curation Revolution |
**** Been there done all of this. Marty

Nowhere do the mistakes, poor practices and questionable judgement of individuals, organizations and brands get exposed with such glee as they do in the sphere of the social web. It’s no wonder some CEOs or senior decision-makers entrusted with the stewardship of brands break out in a cold sweat at the simple mention of the words “social media.”


Mark Schaefer wrote a great post about Negativity Bias as it relates to the social web and how this phenomenon has created a playing field rife with PR land mines for anyone active in the space. Schaefer sparks dialogue at the end of his post by posing the following question:


“In a world where Negativeity Bias is gasoline on a viral fire, and one misstep can overwhelm years of positive work cultivating raving fans, why would anybody take a risk on the social web?”


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