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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Crowdfunding World!

Wow! Formlabs Raised $3M On Kickstarter Good News For CureCancerStarter

Wow! Formlabs Raised $3M On Kickstarter Good News For CureCancerStarter | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
This is a very important note. I'm working on a kickstarter like startup to help fund cancer research. One issue with the crowdsourcing model for cancer research is can such a model work for larger sums. Some cancer research can spend a million like we spend a hundred.

The pain point I want to resolve is the closed nature of cancer research. As a cancer survivor I don't know about nor can I easily join in the funding process. I own the URL CureCancerStarter and hope to open up the process with technology.

 I don't think we cure cancer with the usual suspects acting in the usual ways. We cure cancer by getting a little crazy. We cure cancer by funding the passionate doctor working on a shoestring, a hope and a prayer. Big Pharma is interested in making cancer chronic. Chronic beats dead, but he price of chemo will curl your hair (just before it drops out).

Chemo sucks and it only beats its alternative by a little bit, so I am betting my savings that we can change the process. This note about Formlabs raising $3M via crowd funding made a hard week easier. Next week I meet with UNC and I hope will be online before Christmas.
Wish me luck and stay tuned. Thanks to all my social network friends. I get so much support and encouragement here it makes my life possible:).  

**** Great early feedback has helped us change our name, find a crowd funding platform and get a meeting with UNC's Cancer Center. Please don't hesitate to share your ideas, comments and suggestions.  

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Berend de Jonge's comment, October 27, 2012 4:12 AM
Hi Marty, thanks for the rescoop.
Berend de Jonge's comment, October 27, 2012 4:16 AM
If you have some trouble with making a platform, you coud use an easy tool to make a kicktarter like page. Lokiton used it when it got rejected by kickstarter and managed to get 2 million in funding. see:
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Crowdfunding: Things To Consider

Crowdfunding: Things To Consider | Curation Revolution |

Crowdfunding may soon be a reality in the United States, giving entrepreneurs and would-be mom-and-pop startup investors reason for celebration.

And make no mistake about it: crowdfunding could be one of the most significant changes to hit the startup world in a long time, providing entrepreneurs with a much larger market in which to raise capital for their companies.


**** It would be great if we could create self sustaining and somewhat altruistic funding (crazy I know but probably profitable in this new age we live in). It feels like some fundemental pillars of capitalism are shifting. The idea that self interest, no matter how brutal, wins is already proven silly. In the age of blogs heard round the world "brutal" isn't a great marketing strategy (lol).


The next idea is altruism or what Robert Wright calls "NonZero" is in fact the underpinning of a new world order, a new world order slouching toward a Kurzweilian Singularity...or something. Marty


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