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Brilliant Twitter Lists Idea
I'm blessed with brilliant friends. Earlier I shared my friend and Startup Factory founder Chris Heivly's new book. Build the Fort is a startups must read.

A few days ago another friend, @Kelly Hungerford, including my @Scenttrail twitter handle in a list. Twitter lists may be the coolest tool no on uses I know, but Kelly's use of the list to include me in something NEW was beyond brilliant. 

Granted Kelly is a "trusted source" for me. Whatever she says I should look at, review, write about and share there is a close to 100% chance I will. Kelly's use of an ignored tool should work "cold" too. By placing someone on a list you tweak their curiosity in a way almost guaranteed to get a click and a review. 

Compare the subtle grace of including people you want on your "beta" list to spamming emails sure to be ignored. Kelly's approach is graceful and such a tease I bet the approach generates a higher level of conversion and advocacy than spammy pitches. 

When you add someone's Twitter to a list they receive a notification with a link to your list. Here is a list I just created following Kelly's lead: 

When people subscribe to the list in response to your added them following up with an email or call doesn't feel spammy. The person is part of your tribe. Even better is PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW but who may like to be part of you