50 Great Content Curators - Ana Cristina Pratas via @CrowdFunde | Curation Revolution | Scoop.it

Ana Cristina Pratas
My friend @Ana Cristina Pratas is our 2nd "Great Content Curator" to be profiled on CrowdFunde. Ana Cristina's joyful curation always lifts my spirits while teaching ideas and connections hard to imagine without her.

Ana Cristina is leading the charge of a new tribe of educators who understand the "deep learning" possible from content curation (see This Is Your Brian On Content Curation http://sco.lt/6NqXKr ). Ana was the 2nd curator to crest 1M views on Scoop.it, but numbers don't tell the whole story.

Every interaction I have with Ana Cristina I learn something, feel inspired and want to CREATE SOMETHING (lol). She is an inspiring leader, a great educator and a content curation treasure.