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CrowdFunde Creating Crowdfunding's Hub [ScentTrail Video]

Funny How Things Turn Out
Every notice things rarely to NEVER turn out how you think or plan them? After creating, one of the first cancer research crowdfunding websites, it felt like the SEC was about to blow crowdfunding UP.

That feeling was so strong I wrapped up my foundation and left my Marketing Director position thinking would be all about enterprise crowdfunding (what is up on the website now).

Yeah, not so much as it turns out.

Yes the SEC & Google is about to put the three kinds of crowdfunding:

* Rewards (like
* Donation (like and and
* Equity and debt (where you trade money for shares, should be approved by early summer).

Crowdfunding is so VALUABLE to content marketing and SEO I thought "enterprise crowdfunding" was the way to go. The more I worked the problem the more meshing and mashing is the "lean startup" answer as I share in this video with  a cameo from Lucian the crazy cat.

Wish us luck and please follow us here:


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Blondie's New York - Curagami

Blondie's New York - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Blondie's New York
Blondie's New York on the Smithsonian channel stinks but in a good way. If you can't smell, feel and remember NYC in the seventies while watching Blondie's band members stitch their 20-million selling Parallel Lines album together you weren't there. I was and I remember. 

I remember the crime, grime and sense of hopelessness that seemed to have a choke hold on NYC. But the ART was amazing. In a tiny rat-hole of a bar named CBGB the Talking Heads, Ramones and Blondie was born, nurtured, taught and honed. The Smithsonian's documentary tells several stories simultaneously. 

One story is the city's rotting corpse infecting the air and spirits with the thick fetid smell of death and dying. Yet despite or maybe because of the retching, queasy  feel great art was made. Art that defined the city, the bands and us. 

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How Compete with Amazon? New @Curagami Forum

How Compete with Amazon? New @Curagami Forum | Curation Revolution |

Compete With Amazon
Speaking at a FedEx conference last month how Small to Medium Sized Businesses can compete with Amazon was a hot topic. This Curgami post shares important tips on how to track Amazon pricing and ways SMBs can compete with Amazon and other social shopping sites such as Mass Drop and WaNeLo. 

Be sure to weigh in with your ideas on our new Curagami forum! 

Discover ways to compete with Amazon: 

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