Ouch! Facebook Set to Eliminate Sponsored Stories in April & Why Hard To Market On FB | Curation Revolution | Scoop.it

Facebook will retire Sponsored Story advertisements beginning April 9. 

Marty Note
Wow, no sooner than I finish Gary Vaynerchuk's amazing explanation of about the value of Facebook's Sponsored Stories than I read Facebook will be eliminating them on April 9th.

Eliminating something a distinguished Internet marketing guru spends several pages of his latest book touting is the problem with Facebook marketing in a nutshell. Marketers are used to moving and changing, but investing in a platform requires enough stability to project ROI. 

Since Facebook changes all the time understanding how to "tune" marketing to the platform can be confusing and discouraging. The minute you find something that works, as a marketer, they eliminate or change it. 

Gary explains that Facebook is interested in protecting Facebook. Don't worry marketers know that since the message has gone out loud and clear from the beginning (and in sometimes very snotty ways). Marketers must know the expensive and finally successful strategies they create will be around long enough to provide some ROI. Anything else is simply another game of whack a mole. 

Wonder if Gary (@GaryVee) will blog about how the proposed changes impact his excellent explanation in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook?