Haiku Deck & Scoopit Examples Of New SaaS Development Model | Curation Revolution | Scoop.it

Working hard on a SaaS set of publishing tools and was analyzing what it takes to "cross the chasm" from unknown SaaS to successful, well loved tool. Here is what I found:

* Critical that a new tool create community. 
* Haiku Deck demonstrates this idea with their feature gallery:
http://www.haikudeck.com/gallery/featured and Scoop.it with their posting wall. 
* Community must scale in size and diversity. 
* Diversity creates community "intelligence".
* Community intelligence helps monetize. 
* Money helps create new tools. 
* New tools help build community faster. 
and so on creating a positive virtual cycle. 

Tools can solve a problem like Haiku Deck (easy access to creative commons), plant a flag on an emerging trend (Scoop.it and Paper.li) an