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1st Give Guide & Why Lawyers & Real Estate Agents Need One Too!

1st Give Guide & Why Lawyers & Real Estate Agents Need One Too! | Curation Revolution |

Great Conent Marketing
We've discussed why lawyers and real estate agents must create content and social marketing. We haven't discussed WHAT kind of content they should create. Since we are speaking with lawyers let's stipulate a few important conclusions:

* Content marketing must generate social shares and links to matter.

* Cause marketing, since it is highly emotional, generates great social shares and links.
* The best content marketing you can WIN is UGC (User Generated Content) since it brings social shares and links along with it.
* Content marketing is expensive and takes time, but it can give any business that gets good at it an unprecedented market advantage.


That last bullet may be a little "trust me" for some, but trust me ANYTHING you do now must be supported by content marketing OR your assets will be stolen and/or be worth less.

Now that we have agreement on the base stipulations for our content marketing what kind of marketing should we create? A: Communal and cause.

Cause marketing like the IndyWeek Give Guide mashup is brilliant because you do almost NO WORK and achieve a huge benefit even as you help others (so win, win, win). found a handful of local nonprofits across a variety of segments, asked them to submit an application and then formed their profile page out of that application (could have automated it all and they will next year). Cost = CHEAP, amount of new content = 27 pages. Amount of new social links, shares and SEO? HUGE.

Lawyers & Real Estate Agents
Divorce attorneys could gather 20 or 30 nonprofits probably easily out of their rolodex. Each nonprofit should be aligned so women's shelters, Ronald McDonald House and other community support reinforce the office's business.

Real Estate agents are really community content gatekeepers. They know the best restaurants, schools and stores because that knowledge helps them sell houses. Great content and social marketing real estate agents like my friend Bill Gassett know all the great local charities too so create a Give Guide to share that knowledge.

I can't remember when I've seen such a clear content and social marketing homerun that costs so LITTLE especially since my friends at WTE Solutions know how to set up a Give Guide now, so I bet total costs don't exceed $5k. Benefit, on the other hand, has to run into the millions (done right).


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How To Win The E-commerce game - A Haiku Deck by @Scenttrail

How To Win The E-commerce game - A Haiku Deck by @Scenttrail | Curation Revolution |

Win The Ecommerce Game
I'm giving a keynote speech tomorrow at a FedEx Conference. This post links to the Haiku Deck created for that talk. I'm adding a blog post to today too. 

If you want to know how to win the new e-commerce game here is the Haiku Deck: 

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5 Creative Tips from The Onion #video - Curagami

5 Creative Tips from The Onion #video - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

5 Writing & Management Tips

The Onion's CEO Mike Macavoy shares 5 great tips for writing and managing creative people in this CNBC video on Curaami including: 


Don't Try To Hard

Give Creative People Autonomy

Watch Mike explain 3 other great tips in this short but mpactful video. 

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