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Time To Join The Humanity Revolt Is Now [Marty Note]

Time To Join The Humanity Revolt Is Now [Marty Note] | Curation Revolution |

We are efficient and machine-like now to a fault. Is it no wonder we (me, you, your customers) want CONNECTION and MEANING. We are so thirsty we will drink the sand if we think doing so will remove the boilerplate, the templae, the least common denominator, the petty, the small and the uninspired.

We want GREAT and great always implies human fraility, failure and redemption. No one gets GREAT Free or Easy. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Put On the Beret, Clinch the Fist and REVOLT
I love the linked article's feisty "pick a fight" attitude. I also agree that we've lost our way. I'm reading Seth Godin's new book The Icarus Deception and Seth doesn't mince words with how lost we've become. 

The irony of having so many "phone home" tools such as social media marketing and becoming even more distant isn't lost on me :). We featured The Great Social Customer Service Study a few weeks ago on Atlantic BT's Blog and the results to Tweets for help were miserable by most major brands. 

There are secrets in Seth's book including:

* YOU are the most important "product" you sell.

* YOU are exposed warts and all the time now.

* YOU are in control. 

YOU in the bullets above could be your personal brand or the work you do for your company. Your humanity, expressed in real and flawed ways, is what matters now.  Greatness is required and only available to those willing to risk, fail and risk more to earn the AWESOME badge. 

Internet marketing will beat the perfectionism out of you.

No one can afford perfection's tyranny in their Internet marketing. Sistine Chapel an Internet marketing effort and you lose. To "Sistine Chapel" means you take too much time and become obsessed with every detail. 

Create Sistine Chapels and you end up with beautiful chapels no one ever sees because, while you were busy creating perfection, competitors scaled and are now beating you senseless. 

The other day I explained the conundrum as, "As perfect as we can be NOW," as a way of defining an Internet marketer's philosophy. You must create great stuff FAST. 

The loop back to the REVOLT article linked here is it is impossible to cost reduce your way to greatness. IMPOSSIBLE. Greatness in Internet marketing comes from having the courage to fail, learn and fail bigger. 

And the only species willing to do such an incongruous thing is humans. When we do the crazy thing (fail, learn, fail bigger) we express our humanity and THAT is what creates connection in this crazy web world. 

Join the HUMANITY Revolt!


Ken Morrison's comment, January 30, 2013 10:11 PM
I love your thought that the definition of perfect is the best that you can be NOW. This quote will be introduced to all of my students. Sincere thanks!
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, January 30, 2013 10:44 PM
Thanks Ken. Not sure how that translates to Korean, but bet they will get it right off. Marty
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Content Marketers Beware - Rise of the Hackers Impacts You Too Now! via @sengineland

Content Marketers Beware - Rise of the Hackers Impacts You Too Now! via @sengineland | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note 
As a content curator and publisher I've had content we wrote copied and brazenly stolen. Google's latest algorithm changes seem to be reducing whole cloth copying, but another and potentially more dangerous dragon is rising - the content hack.

It is possible to do all kinds of bad things to your content as this Search Engine Land post shares. This highly recommended post doesn't only share scary stories and examples of content hacks. The post also shares a great set of tools to help publishers ward off what may be inevitable - someone hacking their content.  

malek's curator insight, February 10, 11:06 AM

Scary, the hacked content algorithm is not working?   hacked content is still showing up in the search results. 

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Ecommerce & Content - Win Hearts, Minds & Loyalty & Curagami Customer Hunt

Ecommerce & Content - Win Hearts, Minds & Loyalty & Curagami Customer Hunt | Curation Revolution |

Ecommerce & Content Win Hearts Minds Loyalty
How can your website cut through the impossible clutter of today's ultra-competitive online world? How can you find the right development partner to achieve your online goals?

This Curagami post shares how to find a vendor capable of helping your e-commerce website win along with our current Curagami Customer Hunt.

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Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages - Curagami

Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages - Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages shares the battle with User Generated Content platforms and landing pages. We favor hybrid content marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, January 21, 5:03 PM
Thanks John. Marty
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Escaping West Texas & Why I love Durham, NC

After being trapped, along with hundreds of others, of rthree days in the nice but desolute Van Horn, Texas stuck between the New Mexico mountins behind and ...
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7 SEO Tips & Trends For 2016 You Need To Know - Curagami

7 SEO Tips & Trends For 2016 You Need To Know - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

7 SEO Tips and Trends
Appreciate @Os Ishmael sharing Anne Carton's great 7 SEO Trends for 2016 Post today. Anne's post was so good we linked it from the Curagami post it inspired. Our 7 SEO Trends / Tips for 2016:

* Great Content Creates Community (despite Content Shock) 

* Mobile and Smartphones Are Changing Everything

* Video RULES

* Community Is KEY

* Community Shock Is Coming

* Empower Ambassadors, Understand Proxy Marketing

* Fresh and NOW Beat Stale and THEN

Be sure to add your SEO tips for 2016 and we will mash them into this post with a link back and our thanks.

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