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Why Your Web Content Is On A Hero's Journey: Content Marketing That Gets Buyers [Chris Brogan]

Why Your Web Content Is On A Hero's Journey: Content Marketing That Gets Buyers [Chris Brogan] | Curation Revolution |
You can write for your idea-spreaders, and you can write for your buyers.

One gets you seen and the other gets you business. I say do both. Here’s a post about content marketing with the mi...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This piece by Chris inspired me to write about how all web copy is on a Hero's Journey on Google Plus: 

My First Reaction Notes
Great Chris Brogan article explaining how to write content that makes your customers the hero. I also love the "never waste content without an ask of some kind". We are in the Call to Action business; to forget to ask is to waste your content marketing. 

Types of asks:

* Ask to join a list.

* Ask to amplify your ideas with their take.

* Ask to buy something.

* Ask to read something else, something related.

* Ask for comments.

* Create a poll or a survey and ask specific questions.

* Ask to be LIKED or shared.

* Ask for support.

* Ask for trust (can be very powerful).

* Ask for help (admit you don't know it all).


That last bullet, ask for help, may be controversial. Don't you want to appear to have all the answers if you are selling your consulting services to other business? No one can know it all. People are smart. They want to work with people like them. 

Admitting to being human only helps and strengthens your case. I don't like wimpy copy, but admitting you are unsure of something isn't wimpy (if done right). Collaboration is about knowing your strengths AND weaknesses and collaborating to contribute one and buttress the other. 

Great Chris Brogan article on how to write content that makes potential buyers actual partners and collaborators.  


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Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami

Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

The Power of SHOES
Isabel Flowers wrote a fascinating post in Artforum about "sneakerheads" and the 1.2 billion dollar aftermarket for sneakers. Flowers' post got us thinking about flocking behavior, how weather-like the Internet is and what sneakers, baseball cards and art can teach us about marketing. 

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Blondie's New York - Curagami

Blondie's New York - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Blondie's New York
Blondie's New York on the Smithsonian channel stinks but in a good way. If you can't smell, feel and remember NYC in the seventies while watching Blondie's band members stitch their 20-million selling Parallel Lines album together you weren't there. I was and I remember. 

I remember the crime, grime and sense of hopelessness that seemed to have a choke hold on NYC. But the ART was amazing. In a tiny rat-hole of a bar named CBGB the Talking Heads, Ramones and Blondie was born, nurtured, taught and honed. The Smithsonian's documentary tells several stories simultaneously. 

One story is the city's rotting corpse infecting the air and spirits with the thick fetid smell of death and dying. Yet despite or maybe because of the retching, queasy  feel great art was made. Art that defined the city, the bands and us. 

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