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Fans Create Cash [+ Marty Note on CQS Innovation]

Fans Create Cash [+ Marty Note on CQS Innovation] | Curation Revolution |
Last month Jackie wrote a post on her blog with a pretty significant business nugget that I think a lot of people missed: “Dell has been using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great article and I would add our experience at Atlantic BT. I'm Atlantic BT's Marketing Director and we've done an interesting thing with NPS (Net Promoter Score). 

Our founder, Jon Jordan a pretty brilliant guy, saw a drift happening in longer bigger projects. Some of the complex mobile and web development we do could take months. During that time the original vision could begin to drift.

Several years ago he stopped the long project drift with two ideas:

* Agile Project Development.

* Continuous Quality Score (CQS).  


CQS is a white label of Net Promoter Score. Our weekly survey asks a single question on a 10 point scale, "Would you recommend Atlantic BT?". We handle CQS the same as NPS. If a low score comes in a fire brigade puts out the fire. 

Continuous Quality Score helps save projects and relationships because Fans do create cash and our biggest fans always come from people we've worked with.  


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Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami

Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

The Power of SHOES
Isabel Flowers wrote a fascinating post in Artforum about "sneakerheads" and the 1.2 billion dollar aftermarket for sneakers. Flowers' post got us thinking about flocking behavior, how weather-like the Internet is and what sneakers, baseball cards and art can teach us about marketing. 

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Blondie's New York - Curagami

Blondie's New York - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Blondie's New York
Blondie's New York on the Smithsonian channel stinks but in a good way. If you can't smell, feel and remember NYC in the seventies while watching Blondie's band members stitch their 20-million selling Parallel Lines album together you weren't there. I was and I remember. 

I remember the crime, grime and sense of hopelessness that seemed to have a choke hold on NYC. But the ART was amazing. In a tiny rat-hole of a bar named CBGB the Talking Heads, Ramones and Blondie was born, nurtured, taught and honed. The Smithsonian's documentary tells several stories simultaneously. 

One story is the city's rotting corpse infecting the air and spirits with the thick fetid smell of death and dying. Yet despite or maybe because of the retching, queasy  feel great art was made. Art that defined the city, the bands and us. 

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