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Forrester report: How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building

Forrester report: How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building | Curation Revolution |

Social media is now an essential part of brand building. Get detailed explanations and real-life examples of the top 3 social branding strategies.

Marty Note
We know branding, the act of creating transferable stories about companies, products and individuals, is being changed by social media marketing. Forrester, interestingly the same people who came out with a study saying social media wasn't impacting sales, just issued a report on how social is changing branding.

Forrester warns social by itself is insufficient to create a brand, an idea I agree with. Here is how this new report outlines changes sweeping branding:

* Redefines the relationship between consumers and brands.

* Forces marketing strategies to adapt.

* Amplifies brand building strategies (MS).

* Create emotional connection.

* Nurture fans.

* Helps create User Generated Content (UGC).
* Creates conversations that can inform brand strategies (MS).

Interestingly few marketers are integrating social into their branding see the chart on page 5.

There is a BIG section about the dangers of attempting to brand with social alone. Some of Forrester's points have merit. Social, by itself, doesn't scale, it is a poor campign medium (me) and it is only as good as the guiding brand strategy.

Put these two ideas together - that social will be critical to shaping brands and few are doing so and competitive advantage will go to those who embrace social media marketing as part of their brand building strategy.

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Community and Evolution is the Future - Curagami

Community and Evolution is the Future - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Community, Evolution and the Future

A great Cendrine Marrouat interview with Mary Green for B2B News Network collided with Columnfive's excellent Evolution of Human Connection ebook in my brain and a Curagami post popped out :). Marty 

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Tripwire Vs Freemiums Marketing - Curagami

Tripwire Vs Freemiums Marketing - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Are Freemiums Over
We read a great post from the United Kingdom that introduced a new term. We need another xxx marketing like we need a hole in the head, but the post (linked from our Curagami riff), made sense. 

See if you think so too and tell us if you think Freemiums are over as an effective B2B marketing tactic. 

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Moo Marketing - Curagami

Moo Marketing - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Moo Marketing - What to Steal From

Moo Marketing shares 3 reasons you should read How Design's interview with's Chad Jennings: fun, inspiration and best unboxing experience on earth.

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