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The Magic Of Knowing What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

The Magic Of Knowing What You Want To Be When You Grow Up | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
Wow, was able to articulate how I want to be when I grow up today!

Don't get such an epiphany every Monday morning (lol). I think this personal revelation started when I wrote SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On ( ) sitting at my favorite restaurant after Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturday concluded.

The idea is to spend time building things and giving back. Here is what we are building:

* ScentTrail Marketing with a new "Social Content Management System (CMS)".

* Story of Cancer Trust - use technology to bridge gap between doctors and patients to help cure cancer.

Yes, this is like saying I want to climb Everest and K2 in the same month, but what is a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) without some RISK?

For doubters out there I would point out that even my mother didn't believe I could ride a bicycle across America. Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer ( did that raising funds for cancer research.

As mothers do mine was worried. "Martin," she said to me more than once, "you can get to the Mississippi and since that is a big body of water call your goal accomplished".

What mom didn't realize is if I could make it to the mighty Mississippi I could make it to Santa Monica. If we can do one of these BHAGs we can do them both due to the magic of the Internet and the help of smart friends :).

To have a chance of accomplishing either of these goals I will need a great TEAM. Hope you will consider becoming part of our team by....

Following @ScentTrail ( )
Reading & Joining ScentTrail Marketing ( )

Following @Atlanticbt ( )
Reading & Joining Atlantic BT's Blog ( )

Knowing what you want to be when you grow up is magical even if it hapens weeks before your 55th birthday (lol). Better LATE than NEVER.

Hope you will join me for the ride (or the arduous climb LOL). Going to be fun, hard but fun like most things worth doing in life :).


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Blondie's New York - Curagami

Blondie's New York - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Blondie's New York
Blondie's New York on the Smithsonian channel stinks but in a good way. If you can't smell, feel and remember NYC in the seventies while watching Blondie's band members stitch their 20-million selling Parallel Lines album together you weren't there. I was and I remember. 

I remember the crime, grime and sense of hopelessness that seemed to have a choke hold on NYC. But the ART was amazing. In a tiny rat-hole of a bar named CBGB the Talking Heads, Ramones and Blondie was born, nurtured, taught and honed. The Smithsonian's documentary tells several stories simultaneously. 

One story is the city's rotting corpse infecting the air and spirits with the thick fetid smell of death and dying. Yet despite or maybe because of the retching, queasy  feel great art was made. Art that defined the city, the bands and us. 

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How Compete with Amazon? New @Curagami Forum

How Compete with Amazon? New @Curagami Forum | Curation Revolution |

Compete With Amazon
Speaking at a FedEx conference last month how Small to Medium Sized Businesses can compete with Amazon was a hot topic. This Curgami post shares important tips on how to track Amazon pricing and ways SMBs can compete with Amazon and other social shopping sites such as Mass Drop and WaNeLo. 

Be sure to weigh in with your ideas on our new Curagami forum! 

Discover ways to compete with Amazon: 

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