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Five Types Of Internet Marketing Courage - Which one are you?

Five Types Of Internet Marketing Courage - Which one are you? | Curation Revolution |

I don’t feel courageous today, so it is a good day to write about courage. Ask yourself a question about your company. Which of the 5 types of Internet marketing courage do you have most? Where are you weakest? Best advice, work from strong to weak.

Take Our What Type of Internet Marketing Courage Do You Have Most Poll:

Marty Note
Visiting the Children's Cancer Clinic at UNC yesterday was inspirational. Children are children and joy is joy. Inspired me to finished a post I've been meaning to complete about how to be a GREAT Internet marketer by having the 5 Types of Internet Marketing Courage:

* Courage For Self Examination
* Courage To Play Like A Child

* Courage To FAIL

* Courage To ACT
* Courarge to LOVE

If you pressed me to pick one, if you said what one of these five types of courage could make you a GREAT Internet marketer all by itself it would be the last one. Love is not a word you hear much in business communication and that is a shame. Life is short and LOVE is what makes it all makes some sense (lol). 

I hope you love this piece and have the courage to share your examples of Internet marketing courage :). If not, all good, you will have the courage tomorrow.   

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Social Media After Death of Vine - Curagami

Social Media After Death of Vine - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Social Media - Embrace The Suck
Turns out marketing and war have a lot in common as this Curagami post shares. Twitter is reeling in pain and social media marketing is entering the BIG SHAKEOUT period. 

Don't question, judge or cry too much. Grab you Vines, put them on YouTube and (or the best of 'em anyway) and move on. Remember nobody knows nothing and watch your ego and hubris enough to keep betting without the false belief you've found any lasting truth or repeatable pattern. 

Life after Vine's death and the Big Shakeout is going to, as the Marines say, embrace the suck. Find out why on Curagami: 

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Content Marketing - Five Lessons From HBO's Westworld - Curagami

Content Marketing - Five Lessons From HBO's Westworld - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

5 Content Marketing Tips from Westworld

HBO's Westworld is sure to be another Game of Thrones runaway success. The show is amazing and full of tips for web developers and marketing teams including:

  • Tease don't Bore
  • Create Another Loop
  • Beauty is half the Battle
  • Keep moving and believe
  • Show don't TELL

We've included examples of each tip too such as REI for show don't tell and for tease don't bore. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love HBO's Westworld and it got us thinking about online content in new ways.