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Email and Social: Enemies or BFFs? [+ Marty Note]

Email and Social: Enemies or BFFs? [+ Marty Note] | Curation Revolution |

You know, the place where you typically see, or Well, I hate that. If I'm getting an email, I want it to come from a human. Is that too much too ask?

Marty Note
This article is a fascinating and TRUE to my experience read. The section that talks about having a heart attack before pushing the send button is something I can relate to; nothing like emailing a mistake to a few thousand people to make you feel BAD and possibly be looking for a job (lol). I wrote a piece about this stress about a year ago:

The other intelligent question is does email, as practiced, make sense? Email marketing was always our highest margin channel when I was a Director of Ecommerce, but open rates were terrible as noted in this piece.

Bulk Email Is Dead
If you are still blasting the same offer to your list I suggest stopping that now. Nothing will fatigue your list faster than sending middle of the offers to everyone. At the very least you should have new, returning, returning and have purchased, returning and have purchased a lot segments in your list.

Creating personas to define the characteristic archetypes in each segment is a great idea too. Read Managing Content Marketing by Roze and Pulizzi for more on how to create personas.

We are seeing curation of communication as one of mobile's most universal uses. Deleting emails on smart phones and tablets is often much easier and faster than on desktops and laptops. A large group of power users curate emails with their mobile devices. Email marketing just received a new hurdle - emails must look engaging on a small screen or tablet to move to a place customers are likely to actually buy (laptops and desktops). If your email looks bad on a mobile device your unsubscribe rate will double as open rates decline. Check your emails on mobile platforms. If they look horrible hire someone to fix your emails on mobile immediately.

I agree with the author "noreply@...." seem nasty in our one-to-one marketing present, but I also agree with the horror story he shares from trying to be personal with a large list. Perhaps one resolution is to pitch social as the place to share reactions, comments and ideas. As a Director of Ecommerce we learned the live address lesson the hard way. Live addresses, even generic mailboxes, will receive a lot of "unsubscribe" requests, so it can be dangerous to do use a live address. Miss those unsubscribe emails and before you know it you are in court.

Best idea is to build a "feedback" loop into Twitter. See how Zappos uses Twitter for the best practice.

As far as BFF or enemy? Neither since social seem antagonistic to some aspects of email marketing and complimentary to others. Jury is still out.

Read the attached article to shake up your email marketing process.

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Content Marketing: Adding Scoopit Magazines To Your Blog or Site

Content Marketing: Adding Scoopit Magazines To Your Blog or Site | Curation Revolution |

Adding Magazines
Adding Scoopit Magazines to a blog or website is a Curagami post that shares the easy how and why of adding "magazines" (feeds) and content curation, to your blog or website. Content curation via Scoopit adds inexpensive reach and customer engagement generating loyalty and return on investment.

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Headphones for Video Games at Moon Audio - Great Content Marketing

Headphones for Video Games at Moon Audio - Great Content Marketing | Curation Revolution |

Headphones For Video Gamers
Friends at  created a great example of great ecommerce content marketing. Their Headphones For Video Games Buying Guide ( ) shares content from their founder Drew Baird (video) and 3 of their "Ambassadors". 

Moon Audio Ambassadors are audiophiles recruited to help. They provide feedback on ideas, test gear and write great content. The ASK is so important these days. No one climb to the top of the content marketing mountain alone.

We all need trusted Sherpas such as Moon Audio's Ambassadors and content geared to our customers just like Moon's Headphones for Video Games Buying Guide magazine. Also a great example of how to magazine content marketing.

Headphones For Video Games Buying Guide  

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5 Ideas To Steal From Netflix Infographic

5 Ideas To Steal From Netflix Infographic | Curation Revolution |

5 Ideas We Are Stealing From Netflix
Read more on Curagami:  

malek's curator insight, September 23, 7:31 AM

The full article is a #must read

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5 Tips To Magazine Your Content Marketing via Curagami

5 Tips To Magazine Your Content Marketing  via Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Future of Content Marketing For Online Merchants
Online merchants are learning hard lessons about content marketing. Mainly that it takes a lot of time, effort and money. What if you could increase your customers engagement, support and loyalty without spending an arm and a leg? Interested?

This Curagami post shares tips on how to think like a magazine editor - at least an online magazine content editor. It shares five tips including:

  • Find 3 – 5 content groups that interest your visitors.
  • Decide your schedule (we recommend monthly updates at first because that is a big commitment that must be kept to gain trust).
  • Curate content from trusted sources such as brands, manufacturers and even competitors.
  • Automate at least one of your content groups with feeds.
  • Find and nurture free visual media sources such as Haiku Deck.

Read more about evergreen content and why thinking like a magazine editor can help your online store create TRIBE and MONEY on Curagami:  

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Fractals, Ecommerce & The Web - Finding and Using Your 80:20 Rule [video]

Fractals, Ecommerce & The Web - Finding and Using Your 80:20 Rule [video] | Curation Revolution |

How To Make $30M Online
When people ask me how teams I've managed made more than $30M online I say it's simple - find your 80:20 Rule, double down on winners, leave laggards and hire great people.

None of those things are nearly as "simple" as they sound, but you must know what NOT to do. Any website has an enduring and constant fractal called the 80:20 Rule. This post includes a video about the importance of your 80:20 Rule, how to use what you find and a link to an earlier post on how to find your 80:20 Rule. 


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Ultimate Guide To Creating A Great News Page via @mkramer

64 Ways To Think About a News Homepage - @ Medium - Medium

This has to be the most comprehensive, well thought out post we've ever seen on creating a news page. They focus on "news homepage", but the lessons apply well to a page every website needs - News. 

News is becoming increasingly important. We are drowning in information, but your ability to filter, curate and share what is really important builds following, increases traffic and shares. News pages need to be constructed in particular ways to as the post points out.

Build in some Feedly, Twitter widgets or Buzz Sumo (or other ways to make the page ping automatically. Don't go 100% feeds since that opts out of the principal benefit - showing your ability to filter, curate and influence by what you choose.

Best curator at exposing his filter preferences and building substantial following I know is Brian Yanish at Marketing Hits (@Marketinghits). 

Create a great news page, have some of it fire with a robot and curate the rest and your following, traffic and return will grow.  

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Amazon Prime Is Money SMBs Can STEAL - via @Curagami

Amazon Prime Is Money SMBs Can STEAL - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Amazon Prime is brilliant online tribal or "club" marketing with great "stealable" lessons for small to medium sized online retailers (SMBs) such as:

* Importance of "movement" marketing. 

* Create CLUBS.

* Empower advocates. 

* Ask for help.

* Be social, mobile and unique. 

Lots of book recommendations and a riff on Rafi Mohammed's "Logic Behind Amazon Prime" shares online marketing tips for SMBs.l  

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Trending Vs. Best Sellers via @Curagami

Trending Vs. Best Sellers via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Trending AND Best Sellers
Good idea to have TRENDING and BEST SELLERS categories. B2B SaaS companies may not have "best seller". "May not" because we believe every online marketing team should have an ecommerce store, but few B2B marketers take us up on that belief.  

Trending  is what is happening NOW. Best Sellers are what has happened over a longer period (say a month, quarter or year). Trending is a great word since it implies the influence of the "mob". 

The best "trending" is where the guts of the trending engine is shared and easy to see. Digg's voting engine or Facebook's thumbs up / down make it easy to SEE the tribe and their votes.

We added Trending as a category today, but are manually calculating what should be in the category form Google Analytics. Better to automate it all and then share what you automated. If you count sales, shares and subscriptions (immediately after)  TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS and they will give you the kind of feedback your system needs.

If you aren't that sophisticated yet do something like what we are doing. Share your GA results so customers know how you are calculating "trending" (reminds us we need to add that). Not as good as trending based on easy to SEE feedback loops, but trust creating nonetheless.  

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Community Shock Is Coming - Read Content Shock's Author Mark Schaefer's Comment

Community Shock Is Coming - Read Content Shock's Author Mark Schaefer's Comment | Curation Revolution |

Content Shock Author Comment
Mark Schaefer was generous enough to leave a comment on our Curagami post about Content Shock. We repaid that favor by purchasing Mark's Content Code book. As we noted in the post we will report back on Mark's book. If you've already read Content Code, please share your review.

Thanks to Mark for a great share. ;

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