Infinite Elasticity of Infographics [Infogrpahic + Marty Note] | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
Yesterday I speculated Infographics may be universal and elastic meaning no matter how many we create they still have value ( ). Elasticity has several dimensions including:

* Value maintained despite order of magnitude more infogrpahics.

* Able to use an "old" infographic in new context bridging time. 

* Better and Better - Sliding bar with great infographics gettting better and better.

Value Maintained
Are we meeting all three of these criteria? Yes. Infographics are increasing at exponential rates yet great ones still have high RTs, shares and Likes. They still WORK.

Old as New
Got a great email from Monetate with one flaw yesterday (no webpage to link to). The link above is to the Monetate Are