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Likes and LIKES Of New User Interface

Likes and LIKES Of New User Interface | Curation Revolution |

I created a quiet riot with a post about my Likes and Dislikes of's new UI last week ( ). How much we love this magical tool Guilluame and Marc created was clear. Poor Guilluame steps off a plane and someone hands him my bomb. Kudos to him and his team for their immediate response to bring back our beloved features (great job).

I spent the day working more extensively with the new, much more visual UI and LOVE IT. Here is the note I just added to the Likes and Dislikes thread:


FYI, I just did something I've never done before - I drove a link into my profile page because it is a thing of magazine-like beauty. Figuring out how to get what I wanted in the window took a little figuring (largest image), but now I have it tuned AND I'm changing several aspects of my curation to support your new UI including:

* Shorter headlines as shorter works better in that space below the image (they work better anyway so your new UI helps do the right thing).
* Better visuals and in that 400 x 200 range. At first I was having trouble getting the image positioned where I wanted. Kept testing and found the sweet spot.
* Changed my titles to create an umbrella since now that I can see my sections like a magazine it makes sense to treat each section like a subsection of a larger idea (in my case Revolution).

Two things I wish I could do:

* Wish I could move boxes or create a more clear hierarchy by changing the size of 2 to 4 boxes. When everything is equal in size and the default order is yours then I can't react to the feedback loops I'm getting. This slows down my thinking of my Profile as the master magazine and the subsections, the revolutions, as pliable blocks capable of responding to what I see and what the community tells me in real time. Today I had Mobile Revolution blow up (get a lot of views real fast). If I could have moved it to top left I would have pushed traffic to the profile in the hopes of helping it blow up bigger (lol). Advantage to PROFILE traffic is it can go any number of places. In my tweet about the new scoops I picked pieces from each revolution and teased them into the Tweet. You can see why this works. People who follow me may or may not care about SEO, but everyone of them cares about at least one of these: SEO, ORM, F-Commerce, Twitter or Mobile. It is like pitching five balls instead of one. The reach goes up by an order of magnitude.

* I tied two scoops about Facebook together today by physically moving them. Problem is that doesn't last past the next update. These two scoops form an A and B version of an "article" and need to move together across time. Curation will split them and I have to use tags to pull them back together and I haven't figured out how to use the tags yet (though I suspect there is real power in there). This ability to tie scoops together into linked groups kind of like you can do with a PowerPoint presentation or with a graphics program would help create the threads within the subsections such as:

* Apple or Android within Mobile Revolution.
* Storytelling within Curation Revolution.

These threads form the magazine within the magazine and may, at some point, earn their way out of the subsection to become a section of their own. I would use analytics to know when such a move would increase reach not split it into too many disparate pieces.

Great job with bringing back our beloved features and with this new UI. The benefits to the new UI are amazing and we are just getting started. Thanks for fixing the issues with your CDN too (those can be a pain, been there, done that).

Great job! Thanks,


Late Night PS. G, I am going to hang a store off of this beautiful new UI of yours if it kills me (lol). You and your Scoopers may have done what I once thought impossible - found a way to help ecommerce merchantes bridge the content and commerce gap. In other words, may be able to do what Facebook CAN'T (See my Scoop on Magento Ecommerce Revolution on 3 Big Brands Giving Up on F-Commerce). Marty

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Martin, I suggest you follow Robin:Good's practice to put your name at the beginning of your comments. Reason is: when re-re-re-scooped it becomes hard to tell who's talking among the author and the many curators. what' s your take?
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Content Marketers Beware - Rise of the Hackers Impacts You Too Now! via @sengineland

Content Marketers Beware - Rise of the Hackers Impacts You Too Now! via @sengineland | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note 
As a content curator and publisher I've had content we wrote copied and brazenly stolen. Google's latest algorithm changes seem to be reducing whole cloth copying, but another and potentially more dangerous dragon is rising - the content hack.

It is possible to do all kinds of bad things to your content as this Search Engine Land post shares. This highly recommended post doesn't only share scary stories and examples of content hacks. The post also shares a great set of tools to help publishers ward off what may be inevitable - someone hacking their content.  

malek's curator insight, February 10, 11:06 AM

Scary, the hacked content algorithm is not working?   hacked content is still showing up in the search results. 

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Ecommerce & Content - Win Hearts, Minds & Loyalty & Curagami Customer Hunt

Ecommerce & Content - Win Hearts, Minds & Loyalty & Curagami Customer Hunt | Curation Revolution |

Ecommerce & Content Win Hearts Minds Loyalty
How can your website cut through the impossible clutter of today's ultra-competitive online world? How can you find the right development partner to achieve your online goals?

This Curagami post shares how to find a vendor capable of helping your e-commerce website win along with our current Curagami Customer Hunt.

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Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages - Curagami

Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages - Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Content Marketing Battle UGC vs Landing Pages shares the battle with User Generated Content platforms and landing pages. We favor hybrid content marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, January 21, 5:03 PM
Thanks John. Marty
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Escaping West Texas & Why I love Durham, NC

After being trapped, along with hundreds of others, of rthree days in the nice but desolute Van Horn, Texas stuck between the New Mexico mountins behind and ...
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7 SEO Tips & Trends For 2016 You Need To Know - Curagami

7 SEO Tips & Trends For 2016 You Need To Know - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

7 SEO Tips and Trends
Appreciate @Os Ishmael sharing Anne Carton's great 7 SEO Trends for 2016 Post today. Anne's post was so good we linked it from the Curagami post it inspired. Our 7 SEO Trends / Tips for 2016:

* Great Content Creates Community (despite Content Shock) 

* Mobile and Smartphones Are Changing Everything

* Video RULES

* Community Is KEY

* Community Shock Is Coming

* Empower Ambassadors, Understand Proxy Marketing

* Fresh and NOW Beat Stale and THEN

Be sure to add your SEO tips for 2016 and we will mash them into this post with a link back and our thanks.

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Top 10 Posts - Banksy, Friends and Shit Happens Lessons via @Curagami

Top 10 Posts - Banksy, Friends and Shit Happens Lessons via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Top 10 Curagami Posts
Top 10 Posts shares how Banksy, friends and artists helped create Curagami's Top 10 Posts (by inbound links) despite our best efforts to the contrary (lol).

Here some BIG lessons from our Top 10 Posts from Banksy to Web Design:

* Tap Your Unconscious (and ramp risks)

* Friends Rock

* Shit Happens - Keep Creating

What BIG Lessons have you learned from your top 10? Share and we will curate your ideas, experiences and comments into the post: