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Likes & Dislikes About New UI

Likes & Dislikes About New UI | Curation Revolution |

A Few Days Later....

** Instead of erasing I will add to this thread so anyone who is curious can see the entire conversation. Guillaume and passed an important test with flying colors. They MUST continue to evolve their magical tool or its success will kill it. We, the rabid fan base, need to be heard. Both goals were achieved. recovered cherish features and connection to power users and the community was restored recovering any lost trust. My 3 concerns were successfully resolved:

* Loss of the leaderboard -  (thanks to Stewart Marshal) is resolved.

* Loss of Daily Counts By Topic - True to his word Guillaume recovered this feature within hours of reading our thread. Daily counts have been added to the topic billboard.

* Not feelng valued or heard - Guillaume was eloquent and full of grace even when I wasn't, the true test of great customer service.

Well done! Well done Powerusers! Well done Community. Thanks to all.


***** Wow, what a fun day. If you want to see a great example of real time customer service and branding in the dgital age read the comments on this post. Appreciate Guilliaume, Robin, Michele, Stewart's magical leaderboard link and Brian's input. You guys rock so much I tossed a post up on my ScentTrial Marketing blog with my comments (in blue) for what may be the first near real time customer service branding operation ever (lol).

Great comments all. Thanks. Marty

***** Note: I started this thread before sunrise Wednesday a day after's UI Changes. I haven't heard from anyone on the team, but some of the most followed and talented curators I know, trust and follow have weighed in with frustration and the kind of frustration not being included creates. I was more optimistic this morning than now at midnight, but that is the nature of most days (lol). I hope Marc's team responds soon with some desire to connect with the community that is trying to help become a critical tool, a magic wand with staying power. After 12 years of Interent marketing and almost 30 of marketing for companies including P&G and M&M/Mars I know that the best way to create real brand PAIN is arrogance combined with being deaf to feedback. I hope, and pray since that seems appropriate before going to sleep, has a better day tomorrow :). The most recent post on this thread is at the bottom. Marty

AM. Wednesday is a favorite curation tool. It has rapidly become my social media hub, the place I organize the rest of my social media curation. This week changed their UI and won some important battles and lost a few. Here is a recap:


* UI - The new User Interface is more visual and engaging another example of visuals beating textuals and well done.

* Presentation Layer - The magazine format didn't change so what the customer of your curation sees remains the same also well done since changes there could rock the boat.

* SEO Layer - has real SEO strength. I've owned absolute #1 on Curation Revolution for over a year and you thankfully haven't changed anything there (that I can see on a quick pass). Kudos to understanding SEO as well as you do! The SEO advantage of a platform is lost on many, many are selfish about its benefits (FB and Twitter) and you aren't either SEO Stupid or selfish. KUDOS!

* Tool Layout - The functional layout of tools such as the Rescoop button is better, more clear and more visual. Harder now to get one button confused with another.

Overall I would say the behind the curtain admin experience improved with these changes.


* Trending Topics - No Visitor Counts On My Profile Anymore

Thought this was resolved, but it is not. The number is aggregate and what we need, and used to have, is today's visitor numbers by topic. That number helps manage across the 10 different topics I curate. Without knowing what is trending I might step on my own curation or not know when something is a laggard and I need to move on. Wish you would bring back the Today visitor count.

* Leaderboard - Don't See My Curator Set Anymore, Those With Visitor Numbers Around Me (thanks to Stewart Marshal for finding this magic link so we can all visit old friends)

One of the most motivating things was to see my immediate curation set, curators above and below my current viewer numbers. When you first launched I could see the top of the stack and that was DEMOTIVATING. Seeing how many visitors Robin or Michele have before I woke up can be intimidating and made my curation efforts feel small. I know that is goofystupid, but the human mind works in strange ways espcially regarding numbers. I used the leaderboard as a form of feedback loop too. If my day was down in viewers I checked to see if others in my set were down too. Sometimes the answer to that question was yes such as on a holiday weekend and sometimes I was lagging behind and needed to get going. I thought one of the most intelligent gamification move was showing me the views of the curators above and below as that helped motivate me to get moving without a sense of intimidation or the futility of it all. Removing that feedback has us back to the same place as when you started since My Community now shows the top of the stack (not where I am by far) and so it feels like the community is for uber-curators like Robin and Michele and not the little guys (like me LOL). Hope you can bring back one of the most intelligent leaderboards I've ever seen.

The fact this post is weighted toward losers is only because it takes more explanation to cover dislikes NOT because the new UI is more negative than positive. The new UI is net positive for sure, but the real time analytics and leaderboard encouragement have been harmed. Hope you can build back since my curation will be less effective and less motivated.

***** Midnight Wednesday
Robin and Michele have both checked in now and they are NOT happy. If Susan weighs in soon that it the trifecta of several of's top curators. I think is learning a tough but valuable lesson. When you create a community curation tool YOU don't own it - WE DO.

Believe me I know how confusing this can be. Sitting in your offices watching your traffic counts esclate is heady stuff, but don't be fooled. The only place exists is in the hearts and minds of people like Robin, Michele, Susan and me. If you make such sweeping changes without consulting the top of the stack, your power users, then the message to me is beyond clear - I matter not at all.

I pay for myself. My company has offered but I don't want a conflict if I leave to ride a bicycle across Canada in a year (I left my last job to ride a bicycle across America raising almost $30K for cancer research :). I view as important and valuable enough to pay for it myself. The $1,000 I pay you PALES in comparison to my most valuable treasure - my time. I can make more money, but making more time is impossible. As a cancer survivor when you disrespect my time, Robin's time and Michele's time you have done the equivelant of slapped me (and them) hard across the face.

I've been punched in the face before ( ) and it smarts and I got over it. This slap seems more painful because I'm so invested in something that apparently doesn't give a hoot about me :(. I pay you money I would otherwise donate to cancer research. I give you my most valuable non-renewable resource - my time. How is it Robin, Michele, me and others have no say, no membership worth consideration and care?

Come on Marc and Guillaume you are better than this, your team is better than this and we the users of this magic wand you've created deserve better than this. We live in a time of magic wands. The surest way to lose our hearts and minds is to slap us across the face. I would do less of that starting with NOW. I recommend creating an advisory group made up of the Robins and Micheles to help guide actions like the one you took a few days ago, guide future community revisions better going forward.


Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 19, 2012 9:03 PM
FYI, I just did something I've never done before - I drove a link into my profile page because it is a thing of magazine-like beauty. Figuring out how to get what I wanted in the window took a little figuring (largest image), but now I have it tuned AND I'm changing several aspects of my curation to support your new UI including:

* Shorter headlines as shorter works better in that space below the image (they work better anyway so your new UI helps do the right thing.
* Better visuals and in that 400 x 200 range. At first I was having trouble getting the image positioned where I wanted. Kept testing and found the sweet spot.
* Changed my titles to create an umbrella since now that I can see my sections like a magazine it makes sense to treat each section like a subsection of a larger idea (in my case Revolution).

Two things I wish I could do:

* Wish I could move boxes or create a more clear hierarchy by changing the size of 2 to 4 boxes. When everything is equal in size and the default order is yours then I can't react to the feedback loops I'm getting. This slows down my thinking of my Profile as the master magazine and the subsections, the revolutions, as pliable blocks capable of responding to what I see and what the community tells me. Today I had Mobile Revolution blow up. If I could have moved it to top left I would have pushed traffic to the profile in the hopes of helping it blow up bigger (lol).

* I tied two scoops about Facebook together today by physically moving them. Problem is that doesn't last past the next update. These two scoops form an A and B version of an "article" and need to move together across time. Curation will split them and I have to use tags to pull them back together and I haven't figured out how to use the tags yet (though I suspect there is real power in there). This ability to tie scoops together into linked groups kind of like you can do with a PowerPoint presentation or with a graphics program would help create the threads within the subsections such as:

* Apple or Android within Mobile Revolution.
* Storytelling within Curation Revolution.

These threads form the magazine within the magazine and may, at some point, earn their way out of the subsection to become a section of their own. I would use analytics to know when such a move would increase reach not split it into too many disparate pieces.

Great job with bringing back our beloved features and with this new UI. The benefits are amazing and we are just getting started. Thanks for fixing the issues with your CDN too (those can be a pain, been there, done that). Marty
Guillaume Decugis's comment, July 23, 2012 5:33 PM
Hi Marty. Thanks for the update on the post and the details on how you're using the new UI. I love the fact you're kind of "hacking" it to create additional meaning :-) Great food for thoughts for the team. I'm getting the first suggestion but the second one is unclear to me. Couldn't you do that by linking one post to the other using the permalink?
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 24, 2012 12:56 AM
Instead of setting the world record for words in a comment box I posted my thoughts to ScentTrail Marketing: .

I got into some things I've been thinking about HARD since your new UI. As a Ecommerce Director I always had trouble creating smooth transitions between content and commerce. Facebook is having much the same issue. I think's magazine approach could bridge the commerce / content Rubicon. Shared those thoughts as best as I could this late. Hope they help use see a piece of what I see since ye who solves this particular problem and makes it easy for content and commerce to play together stands to make a few bucks (lol). Night, Marty
Curation Revolution
Curation is the next web revolution.
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6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - via @Curagami

6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Content Curation is the "new marketing" & this post shares 6 reasons curating content should be your online marketing's elephant:

6 Reasons Content Curation Should Be Your Elephant
* Easy to curate content for any receiving device (great for mobile / social web).

* Encourages Sharing.

* More Reach Faster.

* Content Curation Great & Subtle Value Add.

* Great way to test.

* Protects valuable modeled digital assets.

How about you? Is content curation your digital marketing elephant? This post helps define content curation and shares 6 reasons why you will be curating more content next year than this:  

Post mentions Scoopiteer @Brian Yanish - 

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Vertigo The New Normal: Does Your Marketing MOVE Us or Make Us MOVE?

Vertigo The New Normal: Does Your Marketing MOVE Us or Make Us MOVE? | Curation Revolution |

Does Your Marketing MOVE US or Make us MOVE?
Make no mistake we #Internetmarketers are in the #movement business now:

malek's curator insight, July 2, 9:48 AM

A marketeer is standing on a ship deck  when the sea is high.

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Twitter Tips and 2 Questions - via @Curagami

Twitter Tips and 2 Questions - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
There are no "right' or "wrong" ways to use social media, but there are ways to grow your following faster and get more return from your social efforts.
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Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Community… [thoughts on Guillaume's post]

Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Community… [thoughts on Guillaume's post] | Curation Revolution |

Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Cmmunity
@Guillaume Decugis  was nice enough to ask me to weigh in on his blog post. He knew it wouldn't be hard for me to write 1,000 words on something that I feel strongly about - what will tomorrow's marketing look like.

Little is certain OTHER than tomorrow's marketing will be very different than today's and unrecognizable from yesterdays. The post on G+ shares my reaction to Guillaume's post along with as much Nostradamas as I can muster at midnight after a long day.

The core is YES content curation is going to be an integral part of the friends of friends marketing creating community we see at our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami ( ).

One BIG THING we've already learned is RESPECT, ADMIRATION and enough envy to fuel a train for what Marc, Guillaume, Ally and the Scoopiteers created. The post discusses how any cause moves from passion, through to business and finally into quackery.

That evolution is why all tactical online marketing is dead man walking. The key is winning and keeping hearts and minds. Certainly content curation is going to be HUGE in winning the LOVE any successful brand or online presence will require to be successful in tomorrow's marketing. Are there a few other things? You bet and I tried to share all of the hard won lessons about content, community and love team Curagami is learning.

My G+ Post

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5 Web Writing TIps Create Trust, Loyalty & Conversations via @Curagami

5 Web Writing TIps Create Trust, Loyalty & Conversations via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Use These 5 Web Writing Tips To Crate Trust & Loyalty

1. Use Bullet Points To Introduce Sub-Heads.

2. Short sentences.

3. Small paragraphs.

4. Be Specific.

5. Ask questions & leave room for User Generated Content.

Great copy creates community and your website is about to need COMMUNITY most of all (why we are creating Curagami).

Suvi Salo's curator insight, June 10, 3:16 PM

"Web writing is more Hemingway than Faulkner."

malek's curator insight, June 10, 6:26 PM

Using anchor text links is life saving on the web. Isn't it?

M. Philip Oliver's curator insight, June 10, 8:05 PM

Excellent post Malek!

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How BIG Is Reward Based Crowdfunding? [Exclusive @Curagami Pledge, Fund, Fees Metrics]

How BIG Is Reward Based Crowdfunding? [Exclusive @Curagami Pledge, Fund, Fees Metrics] | Curation Revolution |

Crowdfunding Share Estimates [Curagami exclusive]
Wondering how big #crowdfunding is getting? We used published stats and predictive modeling to determine pledge, fund and revenue (fees) estimates for Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe.

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Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon | Curation Revolution |
Red Bull Branding shared how we are all media companies now. Red Bull Branding 2 is about how to build online community via Friends of Friends. Marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Community 70% Vs. Mercenary 30%
Once again today we saw an example of why we are creating our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami. Today the account created a business using Groupon.

The problem with "drastic deal" sites is they destroy brands even as they appear to be building them. Stopping applying margin eroding deals and business declines. Every "drastic deal" site operates on the premise of "burnout".

Like a vampire drastic deal sites bring clients in and get as much money as fast as possible. They pitch their services as "Internet marketing" when what they really are is a plague of locusts.

The single remaining asset created with lots of ad buys today was a solid mailing list. This is GOOD, but three transitions must happen now:

1. Content Must Be More UGC (User Generated Content) via contests, games and curation. Gamify and value UGC too.  

2. Engage the 70% of socially altruistic vs. 30% mercenary deal seekers. 

3. Curate, Curate and CURATE. 

Read Drive by Daniel Pink. In this MUST read Pink explains our misconception about what motivates MOST people. When a Swiss blood drive offered to PAY their conversions went DOWN. When they offered to give a donation to a charity donations went backup. 

Even when the MAIN instrument used to build a site is DEAL DEAL DEAL inside there list are people more moved by social altruism and doing the right thing than scratching for the lowest price.

If you see on PRICE you are doomed. Someone will always create a better offer. The irony of this company's positioning which was high end trying to create enough DEAL FLOW to keep their doors open with GroupOn only to find the truth - Groupon is the cocaine of the Internet.

Pivoting back toward what makes them BETTER and SPECIAL vs. their competition COMMUNITY is what jumped up out of the water as we spoke (once again). Problem is the now desperate person we were talking too could hear anything since his need for a cocaine fix is now so HUGE he is worried about losing his business altogether (and rightfully so since he asked the brand killer into his home).

Can drastic deal sites serve a purpose? Perhaps, but the infrastructure of COMMUNITY better be firmly in place before spending dollar one on GroupOn or sales will go UP and then come right back down.  

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Conversations Are The New Money & Here's The New Money Math - via @Curagami

Conversations Are The New Money & Here's The New Money Math - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Every online transaction started with a conversation and that why conversations are the new money and the rocket fuel creating the New Ecommerce Revolution.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This post shares a favorite metrics approach - model by isolating and assigning. I like to create models by marketing channel that assigns 100% of costs and sales in order to defeat the attribution monster.

The attribution monster exists because the web is so dynamic knowing who did what and why is difficult. Many things go into moving customers from visitors to buyers so accurate attribution is a myth.

Instead of trying to make web numbers make 2 + 2 = 4 sense I suggest isolating and assigning and then comparing. When you isolate and assign and then compare you see the FABRIC of the tapestry we lucky few Internet marketers weave.

Instead of attempting to assign attribution, something akin to putting a scarf on a raging bull, I like to make attribution moot by modeling around it (explained more deeply in the linked post).

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Is Your Content So Good Its Binge-able? via @HaikuDeck

Is Your Content So Good Its Binge-able? via  @HaikuDeck | Curation Revolution |
Netflix data shows "binge watching" is up. How do we create content marketing to encourage a binge?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

How Can You Make Your Content So Good People BINGE It:

* Create Cliff Hangers Daisy Chained To Related Content.

* Keep it SHORT & SIMPLE.

* Use juxtapositions (like x, not y).

* Request, Award and Curate User Generated Content (UGC).
* Highlight BINGERS (comments and reviews).

That last bullet is one of the most effective. Much like Pavlov you get the behavior you reward, so reward BINGERS by Re-Tweeting them and curating their comments and notes into your marketing.

Even if your content isn't BINGE-ABLE yet, fake it to you make it. Benefits are too great to not work on making your content BINGE-ABLE.

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The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link - Search Engine Journal

The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link - Search Engine Journal | Curation Revolution |
In a recent Webmaster video, Matt Cutts confirmed that Google has tried internal versions of its search engine that work entirely without links. The result
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

PageRank is a favorite metric because it is one of the rare "universal" metrics that its easy to see. That said I agree with this post 100%. The metrics that create PageRank (PR) are changing to fast for it to keep up.

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Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami

Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Downloading the Vocus paper Monitoring The Social Media Conversation: From Facebook to Twitter via CIO Whie Papers is a pain. The paper helps explain what Curagami is all about. The paper has a PR slant, but its an important read for any and all Internet marketers: The prevalence of social media has not just grown …
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Many have asked what Curagami DOES? This post builds on an excellent Vocus post about monitoring the social media conversation to share how Curagami creates a tiny advantage that creates scale that creates a tiny advantage and so on to infinity :).

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What Is Long-Form Content and Why Does It Work?

What Is Long-Form Content and Why Does It Work? | Curation Revolution |
Ask two content marketers about long-form content and you’ll likely get two completely different responses. The first might say that long-form content is a gamble, given audiences’ supposedly min…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Storify Long Form Content To Win
Great post explaining why SHORT or LONG form content works and the middle drags. Amazing charts and graphs supporting why long form works ins a heuristic TIME ON SITE time (like this one). If your readers are ENGAGED they are more valuable than if they are "one and done" and long form content creates more engagement.

The post speculates on why, but my theory is its easier to tell a better story. It takes me 500 words just to get my scene set (lol). I'm kidding, but I do like to "storify" my content.

In this context "storify" means to find a larger story I can riff INTO the post or share a personal but relevant story that provides the same kind of "backbone" content.

malek's curator insight, May 12, 5:04 PM

A great piece of reading about adding more value with more content.  The examples are highly illustrative, turning a dry rock into live rock.

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"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference]

"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference] | Curation Revolution |

Even Google wants to escape the old SERPs only Google. Mobile, social and community are changing the web's landscape. Google is watching organic search growth slow thanks to social and mobile. Don't get hung out, diversify your Internet marketing.

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Evolution of Web Design & Marketing Infographic via @Curagami

Evolution of Web Design & Marketing Infographic via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Pushing web design forward too fast blows up trust from internal stake holders and visitors. There is an organic path the journey to online community takes.
Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, July 3, 12:07 AM

Marty I agree. So many businesses still think "Build it and they will come".
The website gets built, they spend thousands promoting it and doing social media and yes the visitors come. One small problem no one discussed with the website development company or budgeted for follow up analytics and review of the design and content to see what changes can be made to improve the ux. So many visitor never comes back and that's where the problem is with most websites. Percentage of return visitors is key.

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Stop Solipsistic Marketing - 10 Tips via @Curagami & Curatti

Stop Solipsistic Marketing - 10 Tips via @Curagami & Curatti | Curation Revolution |
Is you digital marketing talking to itself about itself? Here are 10 Tips so your online marketing wins hearts, minds and loyalty. On Curagami & Curatti.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Tips On Curagami
1. Follow more followers.
2. Value & Curate User Generated Content ( #ugc ).
3. Find Your 1% Contributors & Give Them JOBS.
4. Follow & Brand Customers (like Red Bull Branding Lessons )
5. Gamify UGC.

Tips 6 -10 are on Curatti

6. Build Community.
7. Curate 90%, Create 10%.
8. Create An Ask.
9. Use new #marketingchannels like #crowdfunding .
10. Use #newmarketing tools such as +Curagami, +Listly, +Haiku Deck,  &  

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Social Media Tipping Point Is Behind Us...Maybe @Lays Tweet For Swag

Social Media Tipping Point Is Behind Us...Maybe @Lays Tweet For Swag | Curation Revolution |
Social Media Tipping Point Is Behind Us: Lays Puts Tweet For Swag on  Bags of Chips & Needs Curagami Because ....
Yesterday I noticed a bright red banner… - Martin W. Smith - Google+
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

We know Social Media is a CONVERSATION. One of my most popular @HaikuDecks is It's The Conversation Stupid ( At first I took Lays "Tweet For Swag" campaign as a sign we are beyond the social media tipping point.

Now, almost an hour after 4 @Lays tweets with no response I think maybe not so much. As I noted in this G+ post maybe the day BIG BRANDS wake up and listen more than they talk is the 7th sign and the end of the world is moments away. Let's hope NOT.

I noted our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup Curagami ( could help and YES that's a tad self serving, but Big Brands think they are creating community today. Actually they wouldn't recognize a true online community if it walked up and introduced itself.

"We sell chips," woiuld surely be their retort. We KNOW THAT and would like to interact with you Mr. Frito or Mr. truly and honestly IN or are you just trying to stuff more chips down our throat? BBQ if you are stuffing :). 

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Why Brand Scores Are Key To Content Marketing - Curagami

Why Brand Scores Are Key To Content Marketing - Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Not all brands are created equal. Some can help your online marketing more than others. Use our Curagami Brand Score to map your content marketing for ROI.
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Why Your Website Needs A MacGuffin - via @Curagami

Why Your Website Needs A MacGuffin - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Websites Need MacGuffins
Website MacGuffins are different than film MacGuffins, an idea important to moving the plot along that may never be fully disclosed to viewers. Website Macguffins move customers along a journey to conversion.

Website MacGuffins Include:

  • Free Shipping.
  • Prevalent & Easy To Find Email List.
  • About Page.
  • Relevant Content.
  • Reviews.
  • Trust Marks (Visa, MasterCard for example) in cart.
  • Terms of Use.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Social Share Buttons especially Twitter and Facebook.

What are your website's MacGuffins?

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Come The Revolution Power & Influence Spreads To "Citizen Influencers" via @Bill_McCann

Come The Revolution Power & Influence Spreads To "Citizen Influencers" via @Bill_McCann | Curation Revolution |
Find and engage digital influencers. You may be used to turning to the traditional press but there are more cost-effective methods today.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Trust & Citizen Influencers
This is a great post that reminds me of a book I read ten years ago called Citizen Marketer. Trust is upside down. We trust those perceived to have the LEAST to gain. We trust our friends.

This trend is one of the driving pistons of our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami. We see the conversation as the new link. Conversations, unlike links, need to be tuned to PEOPLE and ENGAGEMENT more than a search robot.

Conversations matter, but so do our trusted guides. No one can know everything, so we depend on delegating knowledge to friends. My friend and Curagami co-founder Phil Buckley is my SEO source. Mark Traphagen, another friend and well known G+ evangelist, is my G+ source.

By ELIMINATING things we must know other than at a macro level we create a winning strategy that stays just least when everything goes well (lol).

The subtext of this excellent share from Bill McCann (@Bill_McCann) echoes the importance of community, brand advocates and extending your network daily.

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Video + Teach Beats Video Alone In Online Learning [Infographic] via @RKirkOwen

Video + Teach Beats Video Alone In Online Learning [Infographic] via  @RKirkOwen | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
Great meeting today with our Triangle Startup Factory mentor Kirk Owen (@RKirkOwen). Kirk is a Jedi Master Mentor and Internet marketer. He is working with VC Firm Intersouth Partners (@intersouth) to create an online site to help teach music with a combination of VIDEO and "live" via the web instructors.

COOL idea for ecommerce merchants to adapt especially given results of this study showing higher engagement and more money when video marketing is supplemented by a "live" instructor.

So imagine you are the Bass Pro Shop site. You are learning about new lures from videos and waiting for the Bass Pro to come explain how he matches lures to weather, water and other conditions. Videos helped you learn some features but the "live to the web" presentation via a G+ Hangout or via a streaming service increases engagement and conversion.

Oh, Time on Site goes up to since I bet Bass Pro Shops would find a large audience consuming videos immediately before and after the "live" presentation. Kirk is an amazing IMer, entrepreneur, coach and mentor. Follow him on Twitter and if you are in the Triangle area of NC ask him to lunch and guarantee you will be smarter for it.

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Gamification White Paper From Atlantic BT - Atlantic BT

Gamification White Paper From Atlantic BT - Atlantic BT | Curation Revolution |
Gamification - Winning Hearts, Minds and Loyalty Online a Free Atlantic BT White Paper with tips on using gamification to achieve Internet marketing return on investment (ROI). Continue reading
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Why Content Marketing Fails Slides By @RandFish via GrowthHackers

Why Content Marketing Fails Slides By @RandFish via GrowthHackers | Curation Revolution |
[Content Marketing, Must Read] Great slides by Rand Fishkin on what makes an effective content marketing strategy. He outlines 5 reasons why your strategy might fail: You believed the biggest myth content marketing ever told the world You made content without a community You invested in content creation, but not in it's amplification You ignored content's most powerful channel: SEO You gave up too fast
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent and exhaustive punch to the gut of the many "content marketing" myths that exist. I would've added a section on Mark Schaefer's Content Shock, but that 1,000 word post is for another time. Between then (when I write the rejoinder) and now read Rand Fishkin's riff on why "inbound marketing" fails and see if you recognize some of your myths, urban legends and untruths about content marketing.

Love the almost RANDOM case view (see the beard slides) since that journey is so accurate to how journeys start, are sustained and end up in a purchase or subscription.

Also discusses visual marketing tend in a cool way (nope, nope, yes on Google).

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How content marketing works?

Get ready for the long, entertaining and highly informative trip. I like the section about "content without a community", a real eye opener.

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Content Curation Tips For The Busy, Confused, Irritated

Content Curation Tips For The Busy, Confused, Irritated | Curation Revolution |

Solid background on content curation including definition here. For many of my brethren may be redundant, but helpful generally. I don''t understand the exclusion of as a powerful content cuaration tool however. That is a sloppy oversight.

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7 Focused Tactics For Content Curation Success via IM guru Heidi Cohen

7 Focused Tactics For Content Curation Success via IM guru Heidi Cohen | Curation Revolution |

Want to excel at content curation? Here are 7 tactics for content curation success:

1. Provide editorial selection expertise.2. Add commentary to augment existing information.3. Write attention-grabbing headlines.4. Package your content to attract attention and facilitate consumption.5. Offer curated content on regular schedule.6. Distribute curated content effectively across channels, platforms and devices.7. Track results of curated content to achieve your objectives.

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My favorite is the idea of "packaging" your content. Fascinating.

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Awesome tips on content curation. Heidi Cohen rocks.
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A Mobile World via @HaikuDeck

A Mobile World  via @HaikuDeck | Curation Revolution |
Created with Haiku Deck, free presentation software that’s simple, beautiful, and fun.
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It's a mobile social world.
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