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Rankings of Best Web Development Company (ies) and Firms

Rankings of Best Web Development Company (ies) and Firms | Curation Revolution |

Ranking for Web Development Company (ies) and Firms...

Good feedback from Robin made me realize I didn't explain why this link is cool, why I scooped it into Curation Revolution. Here is why I included it:

  • I liked the dimensions of the evaluation, the report card (especially the process grades for source code to industry standards, etc...)
  • Like the Matrix Approach as it tends to normalize out the data a little (and that is the good and bad news :)
  • One thing I like about putting stuff in a matrix is to see what pops

A massive amount of data about companies and process like this allows me to look for exceptions and then explore to see if there are ideas, passions or approaches that reinforce what I'm already doing, imply a re-think of what I am doing or something I should be smart enough to steal outright.

Picasso said Great Artists STEAL, good artist copy. What the master meant was when HE (Picasso) steals something it goes into an engine so unique that only Picasso knows of the theft. I hope my Internet marketing and curation process is just such an engine. If you can see through to the direct steals then I'm not doing my job. Ultimately the canvas we paint in Internet marketing is about what and how we LOVE and so my stealing ideas only makes what I'm up to that much more unique. Strange theory to think the more we steal the more orginal we become, but such are the times we inhabit :). Picasso would have been a MONSTER Internet marketer, curator and truly dangerous on  

The reason I LOVE this much data gridded up in this way is stuff flies off the page for investigation and in the world I live in (Internet marketing and my particular expertise is ecommerce) when so robustly represented. The irony, not lost on someone who believes Curation Is the Next Web Revolution, is curation's absence.  I'm just crazy enough to belive the next time this matrix comes out all of us have impressed upon all of them the importance of CURATION as a category.


Robin Good's comment, February 29, 2012 12:52 PM
Dear Marty,
thanks for sharing this news item.

I was wondering what is the connection though between this news story and curation itself as it is not self-evident from the title or your own comments.

Keep it up! :-)
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, February 29, 2012 5:41 PM
Thanks Robin. Sometimes I share something sure the rest of the sentence, the why of it, is immediately there. Rarely is that actually the case (lol), so appreciate your getting me to slow down and share what I love about BIG DATA like this. I hunt for these kinds of grids because someone else has done all the hard work and I get to do all the FUN work. Years of my life have been on the other side of this particular Rubicon so now I appreciate it when I can just look for exceptions and then dive in to find out why. One less spreadsheet for ME to have to build (lol). I think you are right about the news story, it is misaligned. I love the grids and tried to share why above. Thanks, Marty

P.S. My guys are working on the voting page for Curaiton Contest and am hoping up by Friday for first week of voting. Thanks for all your help, support and advocacy. Funny quick story. I was searching for piece of my content on Google the other day and ran across friends of yours talking about Curation Next Web Revolution in very kind, generous ways. Made my day to run up on your smart friends (the ones with the curation software company I need to know more about) and their kind words. Thanks Robin that made a tough week less so :).
Robin Good's comment, March 1, 2012 5:02 AM
Thank you Marty for your kin deeply and clarification. I had no doubt that this was just an accident, but as I was reviewing the latest scoops for a live curation lesson, I wanted to show my students how important it is not only to look at others, but like in this case, to help them cooperatively whenever possible.

Curation Revolution
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami

Marketing the Art of Shoes - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

The Power of SHOES
Isabel Flowers wrote a fascinating post in Artforum about "sneakerheads" and the 1.2 billion dollar aftermarket for sneakers. Flowers' post got us thinking about flocking behavior, how weather-like the Internet is and what sneakers, baseball cards and art can teach us about marketing. 

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