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5 Myths of Internet Marketing

5 Myths of Internet Marketing | Curation Revolution |
5 common misconceptions about internet marketing...


Before you turn your nose away from internet marketing for your business, consider what discouraged you from the prospect in the first place.


A lot of Flash equals a lot of customers

Wrong. Flash actually takes a lot of time to load for some people, and paying for a ton of flashy, moving things on your site won’t necessarily draw in customers. In fact, a good and simple format works far better since it loads faster for people, and flash really drags the loading time almost to a halt (depending on how much flash you actually used.)

What really keeps a site from going downhill and moving up at a slow but steady pace is the content. Internet marketing isn’t all about the cover. Customers don’t look for a good front page to get what they want. They look for something specific, such as a certain service or product. Everything else is just fluff.


Your business doesn’t belong on the Internet

Gone are the days when people would sit around with a newspaper and pen in hand with the phone by their side. Almost every house has a computer now, and it almost always has an internet connection. In fact, a computer that can’t handle an internet connection has a bit of a stone age feel to it, and there isn’t much you can do with the machine.

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The Rise of Q&A Marketing - Curagami

The Rise of Q&A Marketing - Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Rise of Q&A Marketing

One of the biggest trends we've seen in 2017 is the Rise of Q&A Marketing. It's not hard to see why either. Amazon's Echo and Google Home point to the coming Internet of Things (IOT).


Once that tsunami hits Google's currency - searches fueled by questions and answers - becomes universal, ubiquitous, and demanding. New information architecture and really understanding what "responsive design" and "mobile first" really means is the least of what we'll need to understand as our content marketing and websites become crowdsourced platforms.