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The Amazing Cendrine Marrouat
Cendrine told us this was one of the nicest reviews of her work she's ever received. Hard to believe since here writing and tireless content curation is informative, inspirational, smart and hard working.

Cendrine is one of the hardest working "bands" in content marketing. When she takes a "day off" she is probably teaching.We shared a fraction of where she writes and curates and its six places.

Cendrine understands COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere), but she doesn't fall into the trap. She actively supports, engages on and refines here content arsenal.

Not ONLY is Cendrine one of our favorite and hardest working "bands" in content marketing and curation she is one of our favorite Bedouin too. Always moving and in touch with what's happening we love it when Cendrine shows up. We share a cup of tea, warm our hands against the desert wind and talk about where we need to go next.

Cendrine beat me to the punch and wrote some nice words about me yesterday you can find in her 5 Social Media Gurus To Follow post:

My post was schedule before we saw hers, but hearing her feedback was inspiring just when inspiration was needed. Thanks Cendrine and rock on :).

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