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Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Community… [thoughts on Guillaume's post]

Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Community… [thoughts on Guillaume's post] | Curation Revolution |

Social Media Reach Is Dead, Long Live Content Curation & Cmmunity
@Guillaume Decugis  was nice enough to ask me to weigh in on his blog post. He knew it wouldn't be hard for me to write 1,000 words on something that I feel strongly about - what will tomorrow's marketing look like.

Little is certain OTHER than tomorrow's marketing will be very different than today's and unrecognizable from yesterdays. The post on G+ shares my reaction to Guillaume's post along with as much Nostradamas as I can muster at midnight after a long day.

The core is YES content curation is going to be an integral part of the friends of friends marketing creating community we see at our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami ( ).

One BIG THING we've already learned is RESPECT, ADMIRATION and enough envy to fuel a train for what Marc, Guillaume, Ally and the Scoopiteers created. The post discusses how any cause moves from passion, through to business and finally into quackery.

That evolution is why all tactical online marketing is dead man walking. The key is winning and keeping hearts and minds. Certainly content curation is going to be HUGE in winning the LOVE any successful brand or online presence will require to be successful in tomorrow's marketing. Are there a few other things? You bet and I tried to share all of the hard won lessons about content, community and love team Curagami is learning.

My G+ Post

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Content Marketing's Magic Beans: 4 Sharing Tips - via Curatti

Content Marketing's Magic Beans: 4 Sharing Tips - via Curatti | Curation Revolution |

Sharing is the "magic beans" of content marketing. Sharing starts the train,but there are ways to share that help generate more shares. This post includes 4 Sharing Tips:

* Give Expertise Away.
* Following Is Currency, Spend It.
* Presence Makes You Real.
* Trust in Karma of the Share.

If you plant these magic beans your content marketing will reach for the clouds. Just make sure to run for the hills if you year, "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum".

Therese Torris's comment, February 19, 4:14 AM
Great post, Marty, thanks !
Therese Torris's curator insight, February 19, 4:19 AM

Excellent. Sharing is vital to content marketing and it's not as easy as it seems: "Trust is hard"

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Trust Is A CATCH-22

Trust Is A CATCH-22 | Curation Revolution |

Creating trust onine is such a strange dance. The more you WANT trust the less you earn. Failure ot sell a big expensive itemon eBay brings the "trust and klout" economy to the front.

The tought lesson is we don't buy from those we don't trust and we don't trust anyone who wants to be trusted. How will we build trust? One careful step and service at a time.

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5 Web Writing TIps Create Trust, Loyalty & Conversations via @Curagami

5 Web Writing TIps Create Trust, Loyalty & Conversations via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Use These 5 Web Writing Tips To Crate Trust & Loyalty

1. Use Bullet Points To Introduce Sub-Heads.

2. Short sentences.

3. Small paragraphs.

4. Be Specific.

5. Ask questions & leave room for User Generated Content.

Great copy creates community and your website is about to need COMMUNITY most of all (why we are creating Curagami).

Suvi Salo's curator insight, June 10, 3:16 PM

"Web writing is more Hemingway than Faulkner."

malek's curator insight, June 10, 6:26 PM

Using anchor text links is life saving on the web. Isn't it?

M. Philip Oliver's curator insight, June 10, 8:05 PM

Excellent post Malek!

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8 Benefits of Niche Marketing [4 from Scenttrail]

8 Benefits of Niche Marketing [4 from Scenttrail] | Curation Revolution |

Read on to find out generalist woes, specialist advantages, and 4 benefits to a defined marketing niche..

Marty Note
This post includes 4 benefits of "Niche Marketing" or focusing your business on a segment or persona group that may have emerged "organically". Here are their 4 benefits:

1. Increased Profits

2. Reduced Marketing Costs

3. Greater Trust and Credibility

4. Reduced Competition

Here are 4 more benefits of finding your niche:

5. Content Marketing Is An Option.

6. Easier To Become An Authority.

7. Winning Hearts & Minds More Likely.

8. Coherent Multi-Channel Possible & Cheaper.

No one can effectively content market to more than about 3 things. The fewer things you want to become an authority on, from Google's perspective, the easier it is to understand you.

Google's "spider" deals in math. If your "math" is consistently about X then you stand a chance of becoming an authority on X. Authority status is earned not created. By narrowing your content marketing to a niche or even a niche of a niche you may WIN where you had no chance of winning further up the food chain.

Today’s marketing demands people love you with the expression of that love being their willingness to use their personal brand in your favor. The trap is the more you want to be loved the less likely you are to be loved,

so narrowing your niche and being true to your expertise, passion and love makes it more likely those values will be returned by customers.

Coherence is an overlooked benefit of narrowing your focus.

Coherence in this crazy multi-channel world is a challenge. Your marketing needs to live on a website, social networks, email marketing and video marketing to name just a few of the “channels” a contemporary business demands. Coherence of message and channel is easier when your narrowcast.  

Via Stefano Principato, massimo facchinetti
Peinture Deco's curator insight, February 13, 6:02 AM

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malek's curator insight, February 13, 6:14 AM

Coherence is a flashy word.

Let's remember the fact  that for each digital marketing solution you must come with specific data collection JavaScript tag language, then define terms differently as to what constitutes a visitor, a page, an event, a conversion, shopping cart activity, or transactions

No wonder Marty points here to the huge advantage of niche marketing in this coherence dilemma.

Go Viral Exposure's curator insight, February 14, 12:19 PM

Here´s a good post about the Benefits of Niche Marketing by #kristamoon

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Stories Are Not Evidence: Master Storyteller Karen Dietz Puts On Cranky Pants

Stories Are Not Evidence: Master Storyteller Karen Dietz Puts On Cranky Pants | Curation Revolution |

"Being of a slightly contrarian frame of mind, however, I think it’s important that we remind ourselves that stories do have limits, and excessive reliance on them can weaken our persuasive efforts, especially when our listeners start probing a little deeper to find the real truth behind them."

I like how the author Jack Malcolm starts out his blog. Yes, stories can be deceptive just like any other form of communication.

And I agree with his first point: they may be untrue or exaggerated.

After that however, I put my cranky pants on.

The next point advocates is that stories are ALWAYS incomplete; that nuance and complexity get in the way of a good story.

Balderdash I say!! What about the creation of rich media, layered meanings, and multiple interpretations? 

The next point is equally problematic: stories may be true, but insufficient; that the more vivid and compelling a story, the more it can mislead because the listener focuses in on the details instead of the larger picture. 

Aaaarrrgghh! All that says to me is that when that happens, the teller is not that skilled in storytelling and the crafting of co-created meanings which speak to a larger picture. 

Bottom line for all of us? Keep learning the craft of storytelling. Know how to layer multiple meanings into your biz stories when needed. Keep drawing out the bigger picture in your stories when needed. And be authentic.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at

Marty Note
Great thoughts from Karen. I especially love her end call to action. Keep learning the craft of storytelling! If you missed Karen's the Best Stories Win for @SmallRivers' blog read it now as it is a MUST READ on how to tell a story:

Via Karen Dietz
Kristen E. Sukalac's comment, October 28, 2012 1:16 PM
With all due respect Karen, I think you totally miss the mark on his second point. Any representation of reality -- including well-written stories -- will by necessity exclude part of the reality. We carefully select the elements based on who is communicating and to whom and what the purpose is. Sociologists refer to this as differentiating between the map and the territory. There's a fabulous, although poorly titled, book by Howard S. Becker about this called "Telling about Society". That's what he means about the inherent incompleteness of any story.
Karen Dietz's comment, October 28, 2012 9:29 PM
Hi Kristen -- with a PhD in Folklore I do agree with your comment and am very familiar with map/territory distinctions. As we know, any culture or group is composed of a collection of stories as opposed to a grand narrative that explains it all. However, the author's point was that the more vivid a story is, the more it will mislead the listener because the listener will focus only on the details instead of the larger picture. I find that statement problematic. Many thanks for the comment!
Karen Dietz's comment, October 28, 2012 9:38 PM
Oh, and yes -- there are times when a storyteller can tell a story and have it be sufficient for the group, and speak to the bigger picture. But that is different than a collection of stories reflecting a group, which your comment addresses Kirsten. As you can see, there is a lot more to this article than meets the eye! Again, I very much appreciate the input and discussion :)