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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Digital-News on today!

10 Tips To Increase Content Marketing Engagement via Biznology [+7 @Scenttrail tips]

10 Tips To Increase Content Marketing Engagement via Biznology [+7 @Scenttrail tips] | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
I like Biznology's 3 Tips to increase engagement so much I added a few:


1. Ask Questions, Respond to Answers

2. Personalize

3. Test ‘Em

4. Curate Simple (i.e. not mean) controversy.
5. Curate Social Content.
6. Tap Branded Content (manufacturers or gurus).

7. Polls and Surveys.
8. Guest Posts.
9. Ambassadors.
10. Test for Engagement with new KPIs

When ask their customers Fostex or Audese? They got headphone lovers to weigh in on what they like about their favorite brands and why. This kind of simple controversy is great for creating online community since it doesn't destroy the "we are in this together" feeling.

When site sponsors and owners use THEIR content (User Generated Content) that action says, "We listen" more clearly than words. Follow those who follow you on social media and curate their content into your streams, websites and blogs with permission and attribution to increase engagement. Nothing like using what they've shared in a material way to prove the value you place in sharing.

Tap Branded Content
When you use a Seth Godin riff or TED talk you increase authority and authority helps promote engagement.

Polls & Surveys
When in doubt ASK and publish results. We are bench mark seeking machines we humans so always share results and incorporate results into blog posts and website content to reinforce value you place in those who vote (see #5).

Guest Posts
When you ask someone to help out you prove how much you value others. Your community grows when its open to outside influence. Salesforce increased blog traffic by 1,000% when they asked for guest posts. Guest posts have high built in engagement too since the writer is sure to share with his/her social net.

We are big believers in ASKING FOR HELP. Inside your traffic 1% wants to share high value UGC, 9% will vote and share that content too so find your 10% Ambassadors and ask for their help.

Testing for Engagement
We need new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that value UGC, shares, likes and links. If your content is creating engagement double down. If not review these 10 tips and test something new. Make sure your "winner" metrics include KPIs that speak to core content marketing and engagement values such as time on site, shares, comments, likes and links.

Via Thomas Faltin
Thomas Faltin's comment, October 13, 2014 3:24 PM
Martin, thanks for sharing!
malek's curator insight, October 15, 2014 6:42 PM

People intuitively perceive the strength in numbers, and take comfort in the company of others. Did I mention Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...?

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

THINK Like A Marketing Pro: 5 Secret Tips [New @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail]

THINK Like A Marketing Pro: 5 Secret Tips [New @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail] | Curation Revolution |

Thinking Different = Hardest Thing
Web marketing is different, powerful and transforming. If you can adopt these 5 "Secrets" and shift thinking accordingly you can win BIG online:

* Hedge and Diversify.
* Over and Under.
* Card count & DOUBLE DOWN.
* Become a NOWIST.
* Hit 4 out of 10 = Hall of Fame.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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13 Easy Fix Ecommerce Mistakes And 2 Toughies For Holiday 2012

13 Easy Fix Ecommerce Mistakes And 2 Toughies For Holiday 2012 | Curation Revolution |
15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design and How to Avoid Them (via @smashingmag) - Selling online can open up huge new markets for many businesses.


Marty Note
These are all great tips. I've had to, at one time or another, correct them all. There are several low hanging fruit easy to fix tips like making sure people know where you are (your contact information should be ways to find and not a PO box) and making sure your return information is easy to search, find or popup.

Inside the easy, low hanging fruit are two tough but valuable ideas:

* Internal Search
* Shopping Cart

Search touched about half of our sales when I was a Director of Ecommerce. Some say great navigation can eliminate search. I don't agree. We live in a search culture thanks to Google so people are going to search your site. Using search to build and merchandise highly effective landing pages is an ecommerce MUST.

There used to be great SaaS tools you could add into your site like Endeca. Now most CMS build in some of those expensive features. I'm a Director of Marketing at Atlantic BT ( ). We've done about 50 Magento installations and Love the platform for its sheer POWER. Magento has many of Endeca's better ideas in their CMS or you can buy plugins to augment this open source platform.

Shopping cart's take sophisticated A/B testing at last and, if you have the budget, multivariate testing (MVT). True MVT creates a regression analysis of all possible variables and provides the best combinations of alternatives. Small tweaks in the cart can mean millions so I recommend using MVT testing tools such as Adobe's Test and Target to get an accurate read. Never blunder into cart renovations since you would be violating first law of Internet marketing, "DO NO HARM."

So tackle all of these ideas, but understand the article mixes the complicated with the easy :).M


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Content Curation Next Big Thing or Temp? Content Curation Survey 2014

The results of the content curation survey 2014. Get the insights on the content curation industry. 282 people took part in this survey.

Marty Note
I contributed to Christian's survey and love seeing the results. is the clear "tool" favorite and it was interesting to see how other content curators treat something team Curagami ( ) believes will be a huge help because:

Why Content Curation Rocks
* Ability to test content before risking it on model websites.
* Creates community.

* Great source of UGC (User Generated Content).
* Proves you listen at least as much as you talk.
* Increases social shares and so SEO.

* CHEAP when compared to content curation.
* Greater reach faster than content creation.

That last bullet is an idea we stumbled on. Content creation always starts from zero. YOU have to push the ball up the hill. Content curation starts further because you are using someone's content. Your share already has momentum since it has been shared before.

@Cendrine Marrouat - SocialMediaSlant.comjust wrote a great post for Curagami about why content curation is critical for B2C merchants:

Appreciate being included in Christian's survey and found results fascinating and true to my online content curation experiences.

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"Asynchronous Thinking" - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith

"Asynchronous Thinking" - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith | Curation Revolution |

Discovered the strange secret of Internet marketing last week. We lucky few Internet marketers must do some things BECAUSE everyone is doing them. We violate these "conventions" at our risk, but we can't stop there.

We can't stop with mere emulation of current convention because there is no money to be made there. Our Internet marketing must win hearts, minds, love and advocacy to become increasingly valuable. We can't win brand advocates by copying others.

We must take the risk of passionate disruption. Disruption in Internet marketing is a tricky business. Too little disruption and your Internet marketing is conventional and boring. Too much disruption and your Internet marketing is speaking to itself about itself.

Testing is the best way to find the thin and ever-changing line between conventional boring and just the right amount of loyalty creating disruption. This @HaikuDeck is about how and why your Internet marketing must "think" asynchronously. Why you must disrupt to win.

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