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How BIG Is Reward Based Crowdfunding? [Exclusive @Curagami Pledge, Fund, Fees Metrics]

How BIG Is Reward Based Crowdfunding? [Exclusive @Curagami Pledge, Fund, Fees Metrics] | Curation Revolution |

Crowdfunding Share Estimates [Curagami exclusive]
Wondering how big #crowdfunding is getting? We used published stats and predictive modeling to determine pledge, fund and revenue (fees) estimates for Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe.

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Social Media Referral Traffic +42%, $ Jumps + 63% and SMBs Rule [infographic]

Social Media Referral Traffic +42%, $ Jumps + 63% and SMBs Rule [infographic] | Curation Revolution |
In 2013, both large and small retailers earned business by making social media a priority. But it was the small merchants, operating exclusively online, that dominated the top ranks of the social media 500. This infographic takes a closer look at how SMBs can harness the power of smart placement, great content and nimble response.

Marty Note
I Loved this Line
"According to an Internet Retailer study, monthly referral traffic to e-commerce websites from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube increased 42 percent, while the revenue generated from those visitors jumped nealry 63 percent."

There has been a debate about social media and SEO. Google continues to insist SMM has no role in ranking. This is disingenuous because it isolates Google from its parts.

Social media, as this infographic shows conclusively, helps with important Internet concepts like traffic, revenue and loyalty. Those are the "parts" that Google's continued claims that SMM doesn't impact rankings discounts.

Everything impacts rankings. Everything that brings traffic to or back to a website impacts SEO rankings. It has to since that is the nature of the game we play.

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Via Hannah Kramer
malek's curator insight, February 26, 10:52 AM

It's all about the interaction of consumers with products online. The recently released Google's new Hummingbird algorithm put more weight to how your business, product, or service is being talked about on the social Web.

Ali Anani's curator insight, February 27, 12:16 AM

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