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Movements THEN Campaigns within Movements
 earned its first paycheck today as we begin to help our friends at create an "umbrella" movement to create online community, improve SEO, win hearts and minds and convert more visitors to customers and customers to advocates and supporters. 

This G+ post shares much of what we discussed today about the advantages of creating a movement in a socially connected mobile time. If you love music hope you will jumpin and help us create Music Is A Movement's pieces such as:

* Our ASK for UGC (User Generated Content) such as what is your favorite music? Why? What is your favorite gear? Why? 
* Stories are going to be important. What is best way to ask for them?
* Arresting visuals are going to be important, where to we find them. 
* How can we create CONTENT to support an abstract, personal and short lived (music) to shareable content (vids, pics, stories)?  
* What is best way to connect tribe members.
* What are our KPIs. 

Going to be fascinating to use our new tools for the first time to help Moon Audio change the world a little by developing a MOVEMENT and then positioning their marketing inside the movement's context and ever evolving User Generated Content boundaries.  

What about you? How do you win hearts and minds with your #Interntmarketing.