Funny How Things Turn Out
Every notice things rarely to NEVER turn out how you think or plan them? After creating, one of the first cancer research crowdfunding websites, it felt like the SEC was about to blow crowdfunding UP.

That feeling was so strong I wrapped up my foundation and left my Marketing Director position thinking would be all about enterprise crowdfunding (what is up on the website now).

Yeah, not so much as it turns out.

Yes the SEC & Google is about to put the three kinds of crowdfunding:

* Rewards (like
* Donation (like and and
* Equity and debt (where you trade money for shares, should be approved by early summer).

Crowdfunding is so VALUABLE to content marketing and SEO I thought "enterprise crowdfunding" was the way to go. The more I worked the problem the more meshing and mashing is the "lean startup" answer as I share in this video with  a cameo from Lucian the crazy cat.

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