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Curation Revolution
Curation is the next web revolution.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Crowdsoucing LOVE via Wisdom of Crowds Q&A

Crowdsoucing LOVE via Wisdom of Crowds Q&A | Curation Revolution |

Crowdsourcing LOVE Via
I am BLOWN AWAY by the value of using When my team got too booked to help with I reached out to friends. One highly trusted friend mentioned posting on

I don't know if I will find a great team via, though chances look very good. I do know the spec is already better thanks to the great questons being asked forcing me to THINK more like the crowd.

Well done, well done! The linked piece discusses how social media is changing sellling. The art of the pitch is really the art of the Q&A now. I also share a few LOVE LESSONS hard won by having the Big C.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Writing aswers to questions from is the most fun I've had all week. What a great TOOL, what a great way to bring wisdom of crowds to any project. Fair Warning - the piece attached to the G+ post goes to GEEKY fast and never returns. May bore you to tears.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Do Cool Stuff, Change World, Cure Cancer: Cure Cancer Starter on Is Your Bid In?

Do Cool Stuff, Change World, Cure Cancer: Cure Cancer Starter on Is Your Bid In? | Curation Revolution |

Cure Cancer Starter - Crowdfunding Cancer Research
Loaded to after our Atlantic BT team got overbooked. If you are a developer/designer and want to change the WORLD here is your chance. 

How cool would that be?


Imagine you are sitting at a bar and an attractive woman (or handsome man) asks the inevitable, "What do you do," question. You take a sip of beer slowly, look away for a moment and then hold their eyes as you say, "I helped cure cancer". 

Doesn't get any cooler than that. The project listing includes a summary, functional specifications and several revisions. If you've always wanted to be that guy (or girl) in that bar having that conversation then we are looking for YOU :). 

Not that guy or girl but KNOW that guy or girl? If you know cool developers who love to stretch and do amazingly awesome things please give them a nudge and come along for a magical mystery tour. There is plenty of work to go around :).  

Thanks, Marty  


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