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Social Shopping: Why Internet Marketing Is A Game - New @HaikuDeck & Book Outline

Social Shopping: Why Internet Marketing Is A Game - New @HaikuDeck & Book Outline | Curation Revolution |

Social Shopping
This new Haiku Deck is an outline for a book we hope to write over the next few weeks. I'm headed to Ohio State for several weeks of treatment at the james Cancer Center and NO WAY I sit on the bench during November (not going to happen).

If you would like to help PLEASE DO SO (lol). Many ways you can help including:

* Writing content to be included.
* Suggesting resources.
* Suggesting great interviews.
* Reading and editing (need lots of help there :).

I'm lucky to have smart, giving friends who I regularly TEST, a test they've never failed. Hope you will join me for the Social Shopping book writing journey. Writing and publishing a book is on my bucket list and I get things on that list DONE :). M (with help, lots of help) 

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Gamification White Paper From Atlantic BT - Atlantic BT

Gamification White Paper From Atlantic BT - Atlantic BT | Curation Revolution |
Gamification - Winning Hearts, Minds and Loyalty Online a Free Atlantic BT White Paper with tips on using gamification to achieve Internet marketing return on investment (ROI). Continue reading
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5 Genius Marketing Ideas For The Holidays ScentTrail Marketing

5 Genius Marketing Ideas For The Holidays ScentTrail Marketing | Curation Revolution |

Here are 5 Internet marketing tactics some genius friends are using to have a happy holidays (with names and website identieis kept secret as promised):

1. Mobile Games.

2. Disruptions.

3. Asking for help.

4. Listening.

5. Crowdfunding

What are you doing that is cool, unique and different this holidays? Tell me if you can, if not hope you will in January :). M  

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, August 22, 2013 11:45 AM
Thanks for the Rescoop Gladys :). M
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Story About Storytelling, FedEx & Time via @Curagami

Story About Storytelling, FedEx & Time via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Story may be the most important but least understood online marketing word there is. Understand why storytelling is "beyond important" for web marketing.
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Future of...Everything Is In The Clouds | via @CloudTweaks

Future of...Everything Is In The Clouds | via @CloudTweaks | Curation Revolution |

Cloud gaming is gaining considerable momentum for a number of reasons and is positioning itself as the future of how games will be played.

Marty Note
I've been doing a lot of 2-14 trends work over the last few weeks. The major impact the cloud brings seems to be forgotten or left out. I received a dramatic demonstration in how much use of "the cloud" can change website design when we created   

We used to limit webpage size to 100K (code + graphics) because to go any larger meant slowing down load times to an unacceptable level. Every half a second we added we lost money, so we were very careful about the size of our pages.

Being careful about the size of our pages meant we had to live in a "lowest common denominator" world where our communication was compromised by environmental constraints. Some restraints remain, but the new caching provided by the cloud creates all kinds of new design headroom that just didn't exist before.

The cloud means we can design cooler, more functional, more engaged sites that feel dynamic and highly personal. The cloud changes all :). M  

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, January 7, 6:03 PM

GaaS despite its funny initials could provide a peek into the future of....well everything. We've already seen a MONSTER TREND toward appification (smaller code updated more frequently) and along comes "cloud gaming".

Benefits of "cloud gaming" include:

* More room on your hard drive (some games can take 14 gigs).
* Games are saved in the cloud so hard drive crash = no worries.

* Better Game Play (thanks to way memory is handled).
* More efficiency will change game development (eventually).

Love this paragraph despite only partially understanding it:

"With recent breakthroughs in hybrid streaming, such as what CiiNOW has done by streaming video and graphics primitives at the same time, it’s much easier to send complex information to mobile devices, tablets and computers at lower bandwidth. Some games are provided through file streaming, a method in which a small percentage of the game is initially installed on a graphics-capable device to allow immediate play.

During play, the remainder of the game continues to download. For movie, TV or less graphic intensive games, video streaming- or video on demand- eliminates the necessity of a game console. Although game consoles or PCs will probably continue to be prevalent, cloud gaming will likely continue to gain popularity as a way to experience new games without having to buy entire game systems."

What I can understand from those points is something we found with Use of cloud services allows for "larger" pages to load faster. The impact on web and game design of building in cloud benefits is hard to over estimate.


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Content Curation Contest VOTE NOW

Content Curation Contest VOTE NOW | Curation Revolution |


Week 3 Curators Are Live

March 9th Update
- Semifinalists Posted & Voting Schedule

Vote for content curators based on these Criteria:

  • Consistent with curation philosophy
  • Content is helpful, cool, engaging and fun
  • Do YOU want to curate THEIR content

Each week for the next few weeks (starting on Monday normally) we will share 5 Top Curators, curators who've already made it through one big cut (from hundreds of entries). Total vote count determines 3 finalists and a three judge panel awards an Ipad 2 (Grand Prize), a Kindle Fire (Silver Medal) and A New Voices award. Ten curators will be invited to have profiles on Atlantic BT with a special Top Ten Curator of 2011 Badge.


Contest updates will be posted:

And your host and curation lover (Marty Smith):

Notifications to semifinalists are going out as fast as I can write emails (won't be finished until Friday). Thanks to everyone for such great support of what we hope will become an annual contest and for such fantastic curation.

Good luck and VOTE NOW.

March 8 Update

Voting Is HOT and Heavy with Anise Smith doing GREAT, total vote count determines 3 finalists so keep voting please.

(page we will be using for Content Curation voting through the end of March)

Finished the selections today and promise to email everyone tomorrow. Many favorites will be included and voting will go through March. I even "entered" the last week sharing my links and philosophies to let people know I don't just look like a curator I play one on too :).


Level343's comment, March 27, 2012 2:45 PM
mwahhaha Thanks Martin, Gugliermo, Gerrit... now if I can only show the rest of the world, how much we enjoy using ;) enjoy your week gentlemen. :P